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Subject: [BRE] Re: Wolf/Shoup
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 10:53:39 EST

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> Would you be so kind as to look at your records to see if you have a Shoup
> that married into the wolf family of Montgomery Cnty, OH. As I read Jacob
> Wolf's will it looks more like David Shoup than David Straw as some have
> surmised. Also there is confusion between Shoup and Shank in the same
> family. See below.

Unknown Sender,
Since you did not use your first name I had to reply in this manner.
I need at least a decent time frame to look in. Since you did not give
any birth years or marriage years I can not do a lookup. The marriage indexes
alone comprise 10 different books that are unindexed except by initials and
cover 110 years of marriages.
I did look through the first index book which I have computerized and
did not find an applicable marriage record. I also looked through a book on
the Boomershine family which intermarries with a Martin Shoup. This
particular Martin Shoup had a daughter by the name of Maria but in 1850 she
was living in Elkhart county, Indiana as an unmarried daughter. I believe
that this Martin Shoup was a brother to the George Shoup for whom I am
looking for information on.

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