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Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 22:06:54 -0600
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Thanks to everyone who responded to my Michael Danner. I appreciate it. I
have very little info on my Michael Danner. I have a book "Beckners in
America...The first 250 years". It states that Elizabeth Danner marries
Abraham Henry Beckner ca 1780 in Pennsylvania. She was born in Maryland and
died before 1790 in Virginia. Then Abraham married again to Christina
Heckman 18 Aug 1790 in Franklin Co., Virginia. That is the limit to my
Danner info. Does that help any more? How many Michael Danners are there?
Thanking you again,
Ruthanne Beckner Wise


> Ruthanne,
> I hope we are talking about the same Michael Danner. I am referring to
> the Danner that received a license, Sept. 17, 1734, to settle "200 acres of
> land on the west side of the Susquehanna River...about six miles
> southwesterly from John Hendricks". The license was granted by Samuel
> Blunston who promised a regular land grant as soon as the Indians would
> release their claims on the lands. Lord Baltimore issued warrants against
> settlers in the disputed lands (southern York Co.). In May 1736, Thomas
> Cresap and 300 militiamen came to the Susquehanna River to survey the lands
> from the Susquehanna River to the Codorus Creek. Cresap waited for more
> militiamen from Maryland to take prisoner all who lived between Wright's
> Ferry and the Codorus Creek because they refused to acknowlege themselves as
> tenants of Lord Baltimore. When the MD militiamen began to seize settlers
> property/goods, Danner represented the citizens and succeeded in having the
> militiamen withdraw for two weeks. The (York Co.) settlers appealed for
> protection from Pennsylvania. Gov. Ogle of MD was angry and offered 100
> pounds for the arrest of each person who signed the petition. There is some
> evidence that Danner was taken twice to Maryland for "trespassing" in York
> Co. In 1736, Michael Danner appeared befor a Maryland court to repurchase
> the properties.
> According to the Conewago settlement and tombstone records, the family
> of Michael and Anna Danner were:
> Jacob (1727-1799) married Elizabeth Boechtel, daughter of Samuel
> Boechtel of Manheim Twp. Jacob became the presiding elder of the Codorus
> Cong. and later moved to MD where he helped establish the Lingamore (Locust
> Grove) church.
> Catharine ( - bef. 1790) married George Wehrly
> Anna (Dec 6, 1730-Jan 10, 1804) married Stefan Petry (1729-1793)
> Stefan and Anna are buried in the Chestnue Grove Ch Cem.
> Michael Jr. ( - d. 1782) married susanna Kehr whose family was
> Mennonite.
> Elizabeth (Nov. 13, 1736-April 21, 1798) married Christian Bear (June
> 10,
> 1733-April 17, 1795) <Was there a second or other husband>
> Philip married Markret (Margaret) Millheim, daughter of George
> Millheim of Manheim Twp.
> Heinrich (Feb 12, 1742-Feb 5, 1814) married Elizabeth Kehr (Sept 28,
> 1744-June 17, 1828) Heinrich was a minister in the Little Conewago church.
> Maria (Dec 24, 1744-Feb 18, 1816) twice married (1) Heinrich Hohf
> (d. Aug 9, 1783) and to (2) Daniel Utz.
> Source:"The History and Families of the Black Rock Church of the Brethren
> 1738-1988", Anniversary Volume, Elmer Q. Gleim.
> Dianne Bowders
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