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From: Merle C Rummel <>
Subject: Re: [BRE] Migration question 1770's and 1780;'s PA, MD and VA
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 04:49:54 -0500
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>I have a number of ancestors that moved from PA to MD in the early 1770's
>and then on to VA ca 1782.
>I have assumed that both moves were either to find cheaper land and or more
>secluded areas to practice thier faith with less interferance.
>I have heard that PA confiscated lands for not signing oaths, is 1772 to
>early for this to be happening? (My assumption) or could this be some of the
>I have assumed the move to VA was either to find cheaper land and or more
>secluded to practice thier faith with less interferance, not due to any
>confiscation. Am I wrong here? IE Was any confiscation done in MD and would
>the 1780's be an appropriate time frame?
>Thanks for your insite.

The Brethren migrations were mostly for land, although there were various
other reasons involved -often particular to each family.

The Brethren first moved to the several frontiers, out from eastern
Pennsylvania, about 1750 ("Germanland" MD/Frederick Co; "Brothers Valley"
PA/Sommerset Co; "Morrison's Cove" PA/Huntingdon Co; up the Susquehanna
River; to the New River VA/"Big Spring" - Roanoke/and MOntgomery Co). The
young people explored and found new good farmlands, before long they had
encouraged kin to come also.

Yes, there was pressure and persecutions related to the polarizations of
the coming American Revolution, this brought considerable migration of the
Brethren around 1770 -most of this was down the Valley of Virginia -but
some of it was to the Ohio Lands and Kaintuck.

Interspersed with this were various financial depressions, which could
catch a family with a land debt -and loss of the farm -and there were cheap
lands west. A big family, with concerns about growing boys and where they
could find land in a fully settled community -could cause some families to
move on -and the boys (and girls) would go back home to marry an old flame,
or find a new one (even all the way from Indiana territory to Franklin Co
VA -in 1806).

Merle C Rummel
Church Historian

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