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Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 12:10:14 -0600
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Family traditions usually have a kernel of truth. And so it may be with what Susan (Warner) Berst said......... Hostetter versus Bostetter. We have discussed the given name of Barbara. The rest seems a bit romantic.
Census work is lacking to see what folks were saying about places of birth. I cannot verify Henry Warner the elder's first three children, however the remainder starting in 1781 were born in Bedford County
Jacob Warner 1775-1835, of his 17 children, 7 lived past 1880
Nancy John in 1880 was paralyzed, said PA
John Lingenfelter Warner in Cedar Co MO
Esther Spitler in Miami Co OH
Joseph Warner said PA age 7 in 1835
Daniel Warner in 1900 said PA age 5 in 1835
David Warner in 1900 said PA age 3 in 1835
Lydia Bosserman age 1 in 1835
at these young ages it is very possible that they did not know for
sure and were going on the fact that the family came to the Miami
Valley of OH from PA
John Warner 1776-1859 lived Kosciusko Co IN in 1850, of 9 children, 3 lived past 1880
Elizabeth Miller in Kosciusko Co IN
Conrad Warner in Kosciusko Co IN
Mary Christian in Miami Co OH
Elizabeth Warner Snider 1779-1815, of her 5 children none lived past 1880
I have only done census work on those that the Pumphry's did not have record of. In spot checking numerous branches that they did complete, their work is remarkable accurate considering the time frame in which they worked. And no, they were not totally accurate, nor are we even tho' we strive.
I suspect our old Henry was born in Frederick County MD, perhaps in the part that later fell into Washington County upon its creation.
As you can see, more work needs to be accomplished.

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