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Subject: Re: 1850's Illinois
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 07:25:28 -0500
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In response to Merle Rummel's listing of Illinois Counties with Brethren
Churches prior to 1850, I would take exception with his including Macoupin
County because its West Otter Creek Church and its Pleasant Hill Church were
not established until after 1850. In the case of Pleasant Hill, the church
was built in the mid-1860s. My gggrandfather Jacob Brubaker was the
architect of the Pleasant Hill Church, and he didn't move from Clarke
County, OH, to Macoupin County, IL, until 1863.

One county that Merle left out was Sangamon County (just north of Macoupin).
The Sugar Creek Church (in Auburn Township) was established on or before
1830 by John Dick, Joseph Rolland/Rowland, and Isham Gibson. Isham Gibson
was my gggrandfather, who first settled in Morgan County (adjacent to both
Sangamon and Macoupin) after buying land there in 1829. Isham was the first
Elder of the Sugar Creek Church, and then, later, after Pleasant Hill Church
was built, he became the first Elder of that church as well.

Dwayne Wrightsman

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Subject: Re: 1850's Illinois

> >Would there be certain Counties in Illinois that most likely had Brethren
> >populations during the 1850's?
> >
> >Richard K. Brown
> I'm not going to say that these are the only counties with churches at
> late date -but:
> south to north
> Union; Macoupin; Macon; Shelby (mayby Christian); Fulton; Peoria (maybe
> Tazewell); possiblly Hancock; Lee; Ogle; Carroll; Stephenson;
> Two Miller Brothers were original Trustees of "the Village of Chicago",
> by that time, their father had become a Christian (Disciples of Christ)
> Preacher, so I don't know if they were still Brethren or not. There were
> brethren close west of Chicago, but I don't know exactly where (?down
> towards Aurora). And I have unproven gossip of Brethren Elders being
> connected to the Mormons at Nauvoo.
> I must admit, I'm not really working too much on Illinois.
> Merle C Rummel
> Church Historian
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