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From: Joe Bosserman <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 08:15:37
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At 11:41 PM 10/30/00 EST, Ginger wrote:
>Definitely the right folks. Although I have Mary Davenport being
>born in Montgomery County, Ohio and not Miami.. I'll need to check
>on that... the date of her birth is 30 April 1821.. or at least what
>I have. I don't have it documented yet. I trust the researcher,
>but I like my own copies of everything :-)
>I'm a descendant of Noah's son, Martin.

Noah Davenport was born circa 1795, and before 1815 established
a gristmill at Harrison Creek and The Stillwater River. That
location is in Newberry Township, Miami County Ohio. It is just
to the north edge of the Village of Covington Ohio.

According to a history of that area the first to erect mills
there was Noah Davenport and his brother-in-law Wagner. The
census records shows Noah still in that township in both 1827
and 1830

It seems to me that if Noah (father of Mary) was in Newberry
Township of Miami County Ohio from around 1815 through `1830,
that would very likely be the place of birth of Mary.

Harrison Creek, later known as Harris Creek, is the same
location that Elder John Cable settled when he came to Miami
County Ohio. High on a bluff overlooking Harris Creek is
where John Cable wanted to build the Brethren Meeting house
but it was build farther upstream and is today known as the
Harris Creek Church Of The Brethren.

Joe Bosserman
Covington, Miami County Ohio


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