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From: Cedar & Stone <>
Subject: Re: 2 door houses
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 16:50:10 -0400
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Valid point!! Thankyou for the replies all on List.

I keep wondering this too, as they built the homes before the churches organized
in the 1770s and even later for Meadow Branch COB. But the homes are that old 2
over 2 birck design with no PA brick trim over the windows. Think they wanted
simple and like a church too? But assumed was like church they came from. Maybe
the church /house in switzerland had 2 front doors. Who knows! Works for
Myers, Danner, Neff, Bankert, Petry and others here--they all held church in the
home way before the church built!


> Is it possible that the two doors has anything to do with the fact that
> Brethren oft times met in private homes, not church buildings, and that
> houses were often built to accommodate church meetings?
> I have no basis at all for this thought--never lived in a house with two
> doors and don't remember seeing any out here in the Midwest... Now the ones
> with exterior doors leading to nothing on the 2d floor, those I'm familiar
> with.
> Jan T
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