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Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 15:10:17 -0700
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Karen Dattillio,

There is no "mess" with Stoners.

My 1993 book has resolved the Brethren Stoners,
including those in Frederick Co, MD.

Other books have resolved the other Frederick
Co, MD Stoners.

Richard R. Weber

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Subject: Miller in Frederick co MD

> Does anyone out there research a Jacob Miller line that owned land
> called "Ohio", "New Swedeland", "Millers Retreat" and others near to
> Littlestown PA and Silver Run, Carroll CoMD? It seems that this is
> associated with Leonard Storm. Trying to verify existence of another
> family cemetery here for either Bankert or maybe a Peter Switzer/Swisher
> and am going round and round with Miller and Storm names--either from
> Frederick co or from Codorus area to Hanover PA then called "Digges
> Choice" land. I went to the burial ground years ago and want to write
> up who I think may have been origianlly buried there. The family
> cemetery is associated with Bankert, Hinds, and Geeting.
> Most of these are German Reformed but one small line is consistently
> Brethren from research here--they only went to the church once as law
> requires or to fit in back then with German language, but they never
> went again and are somehow written in records of Casper Stover in
> Frederick MD.
> Seems other researchers are mixing him up with Abraham Miller of near
> taskers Chance. Is this coincidence or are those on the Brethren List
> straightening out the mess or Millers and Stoners and Storms.
> Thanks, Karen

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