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From: "Robert D. Harter" <>
Subject: RE: Dan West/Heifer Project
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 16:13:21 -0400

> I wonder if that is a regional office you are referring to in Ma for
Heifer Project. Heifer Project's headquarters and large ranch is in
Little Rock, Arkansas.
Carol Hopping whose father gave much time to this organization and has
been to Little Rock, Arkansas.

I had understood that it was the headquarters, but I guess it must be a
regional office, then. I believe I was told that there is also an "organic
farm" there.

Bob Harter

Who was involved with the Heifer Project?
Dan West or Landon West?

This was Dan West's "baby". He initiated the program at the end of World
War II to help reconstruct destroyed dairy herds in Europe - I believe
before long it was sending heifers to mission stations all over the world.


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