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From: Merle Rummel <>
Subject: Re: Zumbrum(n)
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 07:15:19 -0500
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>The sketchy information I have on the Zumbrums always put them in
>Baltimore. I wonder if that was just a generic location for somewhere in
>Maryland? It seems that the name should end in "n" to make any sense but
>the "m" makes it more sing-song in sound. Our part of the family has
>used the Zumbrum spelling, but a cousin in IN uses the Zumbrun spelling.
>My gggrandmother was Lucinda Zumbrum (1843-1884) who married in 1861
>Uriah Long (1833-1905). They were members of the Blue River COB and are
>buried nearby.
>Milton Cook
Some years ago we came up that way to a Zumbrum(n) Reunion (at Columbia
City IN, as I remember). Madelaine put together a book on the Zumbrun's
(several hundred pages). Then a fellow out in Maryland ordered a copy, to
put it in with a larger book on the family. We have never seen any such
result -heard nothing (didn't even repay us for making the copy!!). She
has it stored away somewhere, garage I think.

As I remember the family came from Thurmont MD to the Wolfe Creek Church,
near Trotwood OH. Her particular family then moved over north of
Greenville, near Union City/Ansonia OH. Her family spelt it with the "n".

Merle Rummel
Church Historian

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