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From: Merle Rummel <>
Subject: Re: Mrs. Ann Miller
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 15:32:35 -0500

Need maiden name and parents of Mrs. Ann Miller, wife of Benjamin BENBOW,
who was born 5 May 1825, Penn., married Benjamin 28 October 1853, Miami
County, Indiana, had Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Benjamin and Levi, died 15
August 1897, Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri and buried in Elton
Cemetery near Altamont, Labette County, Kansas.

Carol Hopping (related to Flora and Ikenberry, Roesch)

>My information says that Anna Lybrook daughter of Baltzer Lybrook and Mary
>Eikenberry (Baltzers father -- Philip and Anna Miller Lybrook) and Mary's
>father Peter Jr and Elizabeth Landis Eikenberry was married l849 to Isaac
>Miller in Miami Co, In and m2 to Benjamin Benbow 1853... and died at the
>home of her daughter Mary Oren in or near Carthage Mo and was buried in
>Altamont Kansas where her home had been.
>Ferne Baldwin
>Manchester College
I didn't make the connection --

Here's my information on these Lybrooks-

b. 23 Sep 1757 ?Montgomery Co VA b. 28 Oct 1765 ?Brothersvalley
d. 19 Feb 1842 Union Co IN d. 14 Sep 1833 Union Co IN
bur: Lybrook Cemetery bur: Lybrook Cemetery
f. Philip Leibrock f. Elder Jacob Miller
m. Franklin Co VA
* Barbara (1782-1856) m. 1800, Jacob Kingery (K15) Union Co IN
Catherine (1783-1835) m. 1818, Poindexter Toney (A57) Preble Co OH
* Elizabeth (1784-1831) m. 1806, William Moss (M31) Union Co IN
* John (1785-1846) m. 1809, Fanny Toney Union Co IN
* Jacob (1787-1869) m. 1809, Elizabeth Crawford Union Co IN
* Baltzer (1789-1830) m. 1813, Mary Eikenberry Union Co IN
* Philip (1790-1859) m. 1818, Hannah Pentecost Union Co IN
* Nancy (1792-1858) m. 1809, John Nelson Union Co IN
Mary (1796-1854) nm (Polly) Union Co IN
* Eve (1797-c1832) m. 1818, Jesse Toney (T173) ?Union Co IN
* Phebe (1799-1835) m. 1821, Martin Kingery (K14) Union Co IN
* Sally (1803-1874) m. 1820, James Toney (T175) Cass Co IN
Susannah (1806-1845) nm lived with Phebe's children
Indian Scout in Virginia
1806 to Indiana Territory; left John/Jacob crops-cabin overwinter
1 mile south of 4 Mile Church, back road to creek, on north
1807 family to Indiana Territory
Probate Book C, p576
disagreement over father of Philip, named by Martha Allen (L1447) as "Philip"
but "Baltzar Lybrook Will" Franklin Co VA: "son: Philip, Indiana"

b. 4 Nov 1789 Franklin Co VA b. 14 Mar 1796 Franklin Co VA
d. 21 Aug 1830 Union Co IN d. 25 Aug 1854 Miami Co IN
bur: Lybrook Cemetery bur: Moss Cemetery, Miami Co.
f. Philip Lybrook f. Peter Eikenberry Jr.
m. Anna Miller m. Elizabeth Landis
2/h Elder William Moss (M31)
m. Preble Co. OH
Elizabeth m. 1837, Jacob Brower
?dau (dy)
Catherine (1817-1847) nm
* Lydia (1819-1876) m. 1838, Daniel Shoemaker
?dau (dy)
* Sarah (1823-1885) m. 1840, Noah Brower (B1B) Denver, IN
* Anna (1828-1911) 1/m 1849, Isaac Miller Miami Co IN
2/m 1853, Benjamin Benbow
* Mary (1829-1858) m. 1854, Isaac Fisher (M3181) Miami Co IN
Elder/Four Mile Church
Farm south of Father/Philip Jr. Lybrook Cem. on property
died in Cholera Epidemic
1830 Census showed 8 daughters, no sons
(? two daughters died with father in 1830-32 Cholera Epidemic)

b. 10 Jul 1819 Wayne Co IN
d. 3 Sep 1876
f. Elder Baltzer Lybrook
m. Mary Eikenberry
Augustus (1839-1894)
John B (1841-1844)
Mary J (1843-1923) m. Grimes
Jacob L (1846-1871)
Malinda (1848-1851)
Harriet (1850-1925) m. Noah Miller
Elijah V (1853-1862)
Anna M (1856-1862)
Isaac C (1858-1930)
James F (1861-1923)

ANNA LYBROOK 1/m 26 Sep 1844 Isaac MILLER
b. 10 May 1828 Union Co IN b. 20 Nov 1821 Augusta Co VA
d. 14 May 1911 d. 7 Jan 1900 Miami Co IN
f. Elder Baltzer Lybrook f. Abraham Miller
m. Mary Eikenberry m. Nancy Moses
2/m Mariah Brower (B181)
m. Miami Co. IN
2/m 1853 Benjamin BENBOW
Abraham 1/m Rebecca Trent
2/m Elizabeth Fouts
Marion E
lived Miami Co. IN

MARY LYBROOK m. 4 Nov 1858 Isaac FISHER
b. 1829 Union Co IN b. 3 Jan 1827 Franklin Co VA
d. 4 Sep 1858 Miami Co IN d. 18 Mar 1914 Denver, IN
f. Elder Balzer Lybrook f. Jonathan Fisher
m. Mary Eikenberry m. Susanna Neff
m. Miami Co. IN
2/w Sarah Moss (see -M3181)
Joseph L (1857- m. 1875, Mary Flora
Inf (b/d 1858)
1839 -Miami Co -with Elder Wm. Moss, stepfather
died in childbirth

These daughters of Elder Baltzar Lybrook, moved with their mother and step
father, Elder William Moss (his wife, Elizabeth Lybrook, also had died in
the 1832 Cholera Epidemic) to Mexico IN. William seems to have provided
farms for all his own children, his will only names these daughters of Mary
Eichenberry Lybrook as heirs. This makes us consider that this had been an
agreement at the marriage of William and Mary.

As you notice, I do not have information on Benjamin Benbow, nor on the
children. If you can supply me with more, I would really appreciate it.
This is part of the History on the Four Mile Church.

Merle Rummel
Church Historian

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