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From: sharon s stine <>
Subject: Re: Dutch and German Reformed
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 21:01:56 -0500

What was the relationship between your John Philip Boehm and the family
of: "Jacob Boehm, of a respectable family in Switzerland, and was a
strict member of the Reformed Church; his son, also Jacob Boehm, who came
to America in 1715; and Martin Boehm (son of Jacob Boehm, jr.), a
Mennonite" in Lancaster, PA, who, with Philip William Otterbein,
organized "that other" church, the United Brethren in Christ church?

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999 19:25:52 +0000 "Richard E. Miller"
<> writes:
>Dr. Kim Riddlebarger,
>I thank you for your explanation concerning the difference between
>Dutch and German Reformed. I was a bit confused since my 6th Great
>Grandfather, John Philip Boehm, a German, appears to have started out
>in the Dutch Reformed [who ordained him] and ended up helping start
>the German Reformed Church in Pennsylvania.
>I, myself, was born, raised and baptized Church of the Brethren.
>Richard Miller

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