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From: Merle Rummel <>
Subject: Re: Virginia, 1766
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 11:09:36 -0500

>I am researching my husband's family lines Kauffman/Coffman and
Roads/Rhodes. In a book coyrighted 1833, History of Valley of Virginia, I
find that his 4th grgrandfather, Rev. John Roads was said to be a "Menonist
preacher of the Gospel". Does that probably mean Mennonite minister?
>If the name Roads is German was it Rhodes or what other spelling
>Martha Gates
There is some confusion among historians about the Brethren and connections
to others of similar belief. I've seen known Brethren called: Mennonites,
-yes, and even Dutch Quakers! It seems to depend on what familiarity the
writer has with our church -or with the other churches still existing in
the communities.

It wasn't until 1830 that the church decided to call itself German Baptist
Brethren; before that we had various names as Baptists (Dompelar, Tunker
-and our nickname: Dunker). This becomes confusing in the record of
history, since some of these churches went with the Baptist Denomination,
as the main Brethren families moved on west and only few were left behind.

I'm familiar with the name Rhodes (also spelled: Roads, Rhoads) Austin
Cooper, in his book on Brothers Valley, Somerset Co PA, identifies the
original name there as -Roth. They were early settlers at Pond River,
Muhlenberg Co KY. Then soon after 1800 members of the family moved to
Highland Co OH.

Merle Rummel
Church Historian

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