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Subject: Re: A.W. Wainscott, UB Minister
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 22:06:39 EST

Dear Sue,
The name Otterbein is very significant in the United Brethren church as Philip
William Otterbein was the founder of the denomination back in the late 1700's
The rev. Michael Schlatter brought 6 young educated preachers from Germany to
serve Reformed congregations in America. Otterbein was one of them and served
several reformed congregations and later met Martin Boehme, a Mennonite
minister and together after a period of time formed the beginnings of the
United Brethren Church. They preached to the Germans while the
Wesleys/Methodists preached to the English speaking people. They had similar
theological ideas which made it relatively easy for the two denominations to
merge in recent years. Many United Brethren institutions still carry the name
as in Otterbein college, Otterbein retirement home, Otterbein Press. Some
records of your preacher ancestor might be found through United Theological
Seminary in Dayton or at Ohio Weslyan University, Delaware, OH. Hope this
explanation helps' Mary Cassel Case

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