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From: Vic Kemper <>
Subject: Re: BRETHREN-D Digest V98 #328
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 23:18:17 -0600

The Illinois Historical Journal is absolutely mistaken. As a member of
the Methodist Church (I'm not now) when the merger took place, I can
unequivocally state that the church we merged with was the Evangelical
United Brethren Church (EUB).

It's obvious that there's a rewrite of history involved here, whether
intentinal or not. There's a lot of that going on now. Take, for
example the fiasco at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum a few years
ago when they rewrote the history of the Enola Gay dropping the the
first atomic bomb on Japan. They had it all wrong!

Don't believe everything put out by "modern" historians; some of us
lived through certain events and know what the real stories are.

Vic Kemper

Harald S. Gibson wrote:
> The item in #328 was close, but let's go further and do it right. I quote
> from the Illinois Historical Journal, vol LXXX No.2, summer 1987:
> "Various tensions produced a painful three-way division of the Brethren
> between 1881 and 1883. The 'old orders' pulled away in 1881, protesting
> that the church had changed too rapidly in the years following the Civil
> War, and that the 'ancient order' of the Brethren was being abandoned.
> They formed the Old German Baptist Brethren. The progressives, on the
> other hand, urged various innovations, including Sunday schools, foreign
> missions, and an educated clergy. After the leader of this group, H. R.
> Holsinger (1833-1905), was expelled by the Annual Meeting in 1882, The
> Brethren Church was formed the following year. The middle and largest
> group changed its name to the Church of the Brethren in1908." The Old
> German Baptist Church continues to flourish, and of course the Church of
> the Brethren united with the Methodists to form the United Methodist
> Church, and I think the "Brethren Church" also continues to exist ( I was
> brought up in the latter, which dissolved in my community during the
> depression). But I'm sure your official Brethren historians can make
> this clearer.....
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