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Subject: Re: Keagy/Kagie
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 18:31:16 EDT

I'm interested in learning more about this family.

My information says that Bishop John Keagy was ordained in 1783 but that he
was Bishop of Bruedersthal area by 1785. Apparently he was born 1746 in
Lancaster County PA, married Sarah Sneider in either Ohio or PA, and died in
Montgomery County OH 9/1/1806. I found his name on a list of ministers and
elders for COB in South Ohio 1795-1989 with a request by a church committee
that was looking for help in learning more about the families of various past

Two Centuries of Brothersvalley describes him as "a young deacon" who moved to
the Elk Lick section from Lancaster and spells his name Keagey. Says be was
ordained Elder 1790 of the "Whole County of Somerset," though a note from
somewhere says "it was still Bedford."

At any rate, I'm somewhat confused by this Bishop business. I grew up COB and
never heard of us having any Bishops. Deacons and Elders, yes. Bishops? And
I wasn't aware of an Elder having a geographical territory outside his own
town, but probably I didn't know what was going on...

Anyway, I would like to know more about these Keagys, since John Keagy and
Sarah Sneider are direct ancestors of mine.

Jan T

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