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From: Merle C Rummel <>
Subject: Re: Susanna Brumbaugh
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 08:11:24

Just saw the Christian Hoover connection. Here's what I have in my file on
that family group in Clermont Co OH.

This is the Bullskin Landing area, off the Ohio River south of Felicity.
This is on the Old Xenia road - an Indian Trail from Ft Detroit to the Ohio
River. Bullskin Landing is a sunken creek valley where most of our Dunker
settlers (flat boats) pulled off the Ohio River, to start their movement to
lands north. The Obannon/Stonelick Congregation (founded 1795) was some 30
miles north, on the Indian Trail. About 1800 several Brethren families
took lands just north of the landing on top of the Ohio River ridges, on
Bullskin Creek. About 1820 a log church was built on the John Hoover farm.
This congregation was lost enmass to the Campbellite/New Light Revival of
1830s (after Minister Abraham Houser died). The Dunker Families seem to
be: Hoover, Houser, Moyer, Miller, Metzgar, Rohrer; possibly others, but
we have no records (Carver, Huffer, Weaver, Webber)
>For any who care to follow on and see if my understanding is correct:
>George Yarrick Brumbaugh had two wives, (1) Susanna Metzgaar and (2)
>Anna Houser. Anna had two husbands, (1) Christian Hoover and (2) George
>Yarrick Brumbaugh.
ABRAHAM HOUSER m. 1770 Nancy Rohrer
b. 1740 Wondenberg Ger
d. 4 June 1825 Clermont Co d. 1813 Jessamine Co KY
bur: Mt Olive Cem, Felicity bur: Houser Cem, KY
* Jacob 1771-1847 m. Mary Philips Spencer Co KY
* Abraham 1773-1838 m. Mary Trisler Jessamine Co KY
* John 1776- m. Polly Arnspiger
Samuel m. Sally Piper
* Christopher 1783-1859 m. Elizabeth Hoover Felicity (HV15)
Elizabeth 1784-1861 m. George Mason Bloomington IL
* Isaac 1786-c1862 m. Catherine Bruner Clermont Co
* David 1789-1878 m. Elizabeth Dillman Atlanta IL
* Henry m. Susan McGuire
Barbary m. John Waggaman
Nancy 1800-1861 m. Joel Hoover Clermont (Hv13)
1783 Washington Co MD Tax Assess: Lower Antietam -45A Woods;
55A Arable; 4 horses; 23 black cows
Abraham Sr -minister, German Baptist Brethren (Olive Branch Ch)
David -Cedron OH, 1872 moved to IL

CHRISTOPHER HOUSER Elizabeth Hoover (Hv15)
b. 7 June 1786 Hagerstown MD b. 16 Oct 1800 Hagerstown MD
d. 16 July 1862 d. 30 Sept 1880
bur: Mt Olive Cem bur: Mt Olive Cem
f. Abraham Houser f. John Hoover
m. Nancy Rohrer m. Elizabeth Rice
Jonathan 1821- m. Margaret Dillaman Champaign IL
David 1824-1851
John 1828-1904 m. Rebecca Rice
Joel 1830-1851 nm
Christopher 1833-1850 nm
Samuel 1835-1913 m. America Buchanan
Elizabeth 1837-1899 m. David Wingert
Mary 1838-1926 nm
Abraham 1842-1901 m. Mary McMurchy
lived on Bullskin/Old Xenia Road south of Felicity OH
1850 Census, Clermont Co. Franklin twp; Eliza Hoover (18) with
JOHN HOOVER m. 1785 Elizabeth Rice
b. 12 Nov 1755 Washington Co MD b. 29 Aug 1758
d. 17 Sept 1835 Clermont Co OH d. 9 Mar 1842 Clermont Co.
bur: Mt Olive Cem, Felicity bur: Mt Olive Cem.
f. Jacob Hoover
m. Anna Goode
Barbara 1782-1842 m. Jonathan Newcomer Hagarstown MD
* David 1788-1843 m. Magdalena Gray
* Emanuel 1791-1873 m. Ann Wogamen
* Joel 1794-1884 m. Nancy Houser (Hs1C)
* John R 1797-1884 m. Elizabeth Houser 1850 to IL
* Elizabeth 1800-1880 m. Christopher Houser (Hs15)
1807 -Clermont Co: Bull Skin Creek -from MD, 1000A land
First Dunker Church building was on Hoover Farm (Olive Branch)
last words -"I have a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens"
If any of the Brumbaughs were in Clermont County -I have no record. As the
main roads north to both sides of Dayton started in this community -I'm not
surprised to find local Brethren moving north. Since George Brumbaugh
married both a Metzgar and a Houser -he definitely had connections to these

I would appreciate any information you can add. I'm now going to have to
go back and pull this sequence out of my Trash!

Merle C Rummel, Church Historian

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