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Subject: Re: Levi Fry Indiana County, Penna
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 16:21:19 EDT

Brethren Encyclopedia's miniisterial lists volume on p 1626 lists Levi Fry
(BC); 9-25-1819/10-25-1904; adv. by 1882; Manor, Pa; _Annual (BC)_(1905) 21;
_BE_ (Nov. 16, 1904) 15; H. Miller, _Record_(1882) 14.

As I interpret this, Levi Fry was a minister in the Brethren Church who was
born 9/25/1819 and died 10/25/1904. By 1882 he had advanced to the 2d degree
of ministry. He served a pastorate at Manor, PA. I believe the entries
following that are citations showing the source of the information. I am not
sure of the full name of the Brethren Church publication indicated by the
initials BE but would guess that that publication's Nov 16 1904 issue includes
a notice concerning Levi Fry's death, possibly an obituary.

The ministerial lists include about 20 individuals named Fry, Frye, or Frey.
Brethren Encyclopedia also has a brief article concerning FREY (FRY) FAMILY,
which might or might not connect with your family. It does cite some
genealogical sources.

Jan T

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