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I don't have enough pieces of the puzzle yet. Is this John Brumbaugh one
and the same, having married Christena Metzger and Margaret Butcher? If
so, can anyone furnish explanatory dates? If I'm on track so far, which
woman was Susanna's mother?

Metzger and Butcher are the same last names, with Butcher being the English
translation of Metzger.

I have Christine Metzger/Butcher marrying John Brumbaugh and Margaret
Butcher\Metzger marrying Jacob Pitsenberger in 1792 in Shanadoah Co., VA..
Margaret was born in Dec. 1767 in VA and died Mar. 25, 1848 in Darke Co., OH,
buried in Yoder Cemetery.

Margaret's father was John Valen Metzger married in Niederlinzweiler, Germany
on Dec. 6, 1739 to Maria Elizabeth Kiepert. He died in Pendleton Co. VA.

Christine's father was Johann Valentine Metzger born Apr. 13, 1743 in
Neiderlinzwiler, Germany and died 1807 in Bedford Co., PA. buried in Metzger
Cemetery with his wife Catherine.

Does this help or confuse things more?

Gerald Rhoades

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