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Subject: Re: Bowman and Buechel ministers
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 21:03:59 -0500 (EST)

Re Beuchele/Beeghley. Is it remotely possible that your Michael Buechele b
1742 is the same as the person I have in my computer as Michael Beeghley Sr?

My information, such as it is, says he was b. 2 Feb 1738/39 d 12 August 1812.
Wife (mother of Michael Beeghley Jr) was Barro Luken b Sept 1742, according
to my info from Bonnie Lair. 2dWife was Barbara Zug Beeghly per Anna Herr.
Amish & Amish Mennonite Genealogies give her dates as 1742-1815 SP.)

I wasn't following Beeghley ancestry, but Michael Beeghley Jr. married
Susanna Kimmel, and I do follow Kimmel lines. My information on Michael Jr.
says he was born 1/10/1789 in "Eitigen Germany", and lived in Elk Lick Twp,
Somerset County. Anna Herr's information says the family lived in
Brothersvalley Twp, Somerset County. Michael Jr "received the home farm
after his father's death." I don't know whether that was still in PA or
whether it was after the family movd to Montgomery County OH. For that
matter, I don't really know if this family has anything to do with the folks
you are looking for. (For what it's worth, I find a Lukens family name
listed in the Brothersvalley book... on the other hand perhaps my
information came from somebody who misread LUKEN for INKEN. )

TWO CENTURIES OF BROTHERSVALLEY on page 408 says "The wife of Michael
Buechele, Barro (Inken) Buechele, died of childbirth, upon giving birth to
their youngest child, Michael Buechele Jr. She died Jan 20 1789, while the
youngest son was born Jan 10 1789. Michael Sr., remarried to one Barbara
Zuck of Somerset County. He died Aug 12 1812, and his second wife died in
1815. All are buried in the Elias Cover cemetery just south of Berlin PA.

If you don't have this book, you will want to find it because this
information is in the section called Appendix K: Family History of Tobias
Beeghly and Lydia Blough and gives lots of Beeghley/Buechele information in
its two pages.)

Jan T

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