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From: "Snyder, Gloria J." <>
Subject: RE: Bowser relatives
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 09:28:49 -0400

This is my line:

1. Mathias Sr. (b. 1670) m. Esther ?
2. Mathias Jr. (b. 1711) m. Elizabeth Edelman
3. David (b. 1738) m. Catherine Elizabeth ?
4. John (b. 1784) m. Mary Helm
5. John H. (b. 1829) m. Catherine Berkheimer - Bedford Co., PA
6. William (b. 1860) m. (1) Sara Claycomb (& (2) Maud Wolf)
- Bedford Co., PA
7. David Ross (b. 1892) m. Emma Fisher - Somerset Co., PA
8. William E. (b. 1926) m. Louise Glessner - Somerset Co., PA
9. Me

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>Subject: Re: Bowser relatives
>On Thu, 04 Sep 1997 20:26:23 -0700, you wrote:
>>Hi Gloria, We are probably cousins somehow. Do you know exactly which
>>Mathias you descend from? There were a number of them. My line is traced as
>> I. Mathias, Sr., b. 1670
>> II. Daniel, b. 1721;m. Elizabeth Lammot
>> III. Benjamin, b. 1760;m. Catherine GROM
>> IV. George, b.1790;m. Barbara YOUNT
>> V. Benjamin, b. 1825;m.Barbara MILLER
>> VI. Isaiah, b. 1857;m. Alice SELLERS
>> VII. Lizzie,b. 1892;m. Noah Edward BAKER
>> VIII. Otha,b. 1920;m Elsie PURPURA
>> IX. Jana(Me!)
>>Daniel had a brother Mathias, b. 1711. Is he yours? If you can be a little
>>more specific as to your Mathias's birthdate, I might be able to pin him
>>down exactly. I do have some info on other related Bowser lines.
>>Regards, Jana
>>At 08:52 AM 9/4/97 -0400, you wrote
>>>I'm also researching the Bowser name. My father William E. Bowser was
>>>son of David Ross & Emma Fisher Bowser of Berlin, PA. His grandparents
>>>were William & Sarah Claycomb Bowser of Bedford, PA and the family
>>>traces back to Mathias in Bedford Co.
>>>Are we perchance cousins?
>>Jana Baker
>>Researching the names: BAKER, BROWN, BOWSER,LONGO, MATHEWS, MILLS,
>Hi Gloria and Jana: Noticed your comment about the Bowser family. I
>did immediately recognize the family line of Jana as being the same as
>one of my wife's lines starting with George 1790 and his father Daniel
>1721. The following is my wife's line:
>Linda S. Richard
>Maggie Amanda Kaser b. 9-5-1904 d. 4-23-1993
>Idella Isophine Whitmer b. 7-16-1869 d. 8-8-1971
>Catherine Bowser b. 3-29-1794 d. 1879
>Benjamin Bowser b. 1760 d. 4-18-1844
>Daniel Bouser Bowser b. 1721 d. 1775
>You have a bunch of distant cousins here in Northern Indiana.
>I have been in touch with a Samuel J. Bowser who lives in Pennsylvania
>and his e-mail address is . He sent me a
>portion of The Bowser Family History by Addison Bartholomew Bowser,
>A.M. sometime earlier this year. I have only pages 235 through 250.
>The front page indicates that this book was "Authorized and published
>by the Executive committee of the Bowser Reunion which meets annually
>at Kittanning, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, on the last Tuesday of
>August. There is no date on my copy but shows it was published by
>the Excelsior Printing Company, Chicago, Ill.. Willing to share what
>I have on the extended Bowser family. Jim Curtis

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