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From: Jim Curtis< >
Subject: Re: Bowser relatives
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 1997 01:33:45 GMT

On Thu, 04 Sep 1997 20:26:23 -0700, you wrote:

>Hi Gloria, We are probably cousins somehow. Do you know exactly which
>Mathias you descend from? There were a number of them. My line is traced as
> I. Mathias, Sr., b. 1670
> II. Daniel, b. 1721;m. Elizabeth Lammot
> III. Benjamin, b. 1760;m. Catherine GROM
> IV. George, b.1790;m. Barbara YOUNT
> V. Benjamin, b. 1825;m.Barbara MILLER
> VI. Isaiah, b. 1857;m. Alice SELLERS
> VII. Lizzie,b. 1892;m. Noah Edward BAKER
> VIII. Otha,b. 1920;m Elsie PURPURA
> IX. Jana(Me!)
>Daniel had a brother Mathias, b. 1711. Is he yours? If you can be a little
>more specific as to your Mathias's birthdate, I might be able to pin him
>down exactly. I do have some info on other related Bowser lines.
>Regards, Jana
>At 08:52 AM 9/4/97 -0400, you wrote
>>I'm also researching the Bowser name. My father William E. Bowser was
>>son of David Ross & Emma Fisher Bowser of Berlin, PA. His grandparents
>>were William & Sarah Claycomb Bowser of Bedford, PA and the family
>>traces back to Mathias in Bedford Co.
>>Are we perchance cousins?
>Jana Baker
Hi Gloria and Jana: Noticed your comment about the Bowser family. I
did immediately recognize the family line of Jana as being the same as
one of my wife's lines starting with George 1790 and his father Daniel
1721. The following is my wife's line:

Linda S. Richard
Maggie Amanda Kaser b. 9-5-1904 d. 4-23-1993
Idella Isophine Whitmer b. 7-16-1869 d. 8-8-1971
Catherine Bowser b. 3-29-1794 d. 1879
Benjamin Bowser b. 1760 d. 4-18-1844
Daniel Bouser Bowser b. 1721 d. 1775

You have a bunch of distant cousins here in Northern Indiana.

I have been in touch with a Samuel J. Bowser who lives in Pennsylvania
and his e-mail address is . He sent me a
portion of The Bowser Family History by Addison Bartholomew Bowser,
A.M. sometime earlier this year. I have only pages 235 through 250.
The front page indicates that this book was "Authorized and published
by the Executive committee of the Bowser Reunion which meets annually
at Kittanning, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, on the last Tuesday of
August. There is no date on my copy but shows it was published by
the Excelsior Printing Company, Chicago, Ill.. Willing to share what
I have on the extended Bowser family. Jim Curtis

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