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From: "Robert D. Harter" <>
Subject: RE: Petry/Danner/Stoner
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 09:36:31 -0400

>I would be interested in the information you have on the DANNER/PETRY
>Pat Self

Here is what I have.

Steffan PETRY

from: Three Sons of Steffan Petry, 1729-1977. By Merle and Madelaine (Olt)
Rummel. Baltimore: Gateway Press, Inc., 1977

Arrived as passenger on ship Jenneffer, captained by George Kerr.
The ship departed Rotterdam 27 June 1764 with 247 passengers aboard 102 of
which were not of English birth. One was a brother, Tobias Petry. It is
thought that the brothers were from the Strausburg, Germany/France area and
fled at the end of the Seven Years War, at which time France seized the
area and many Germans fled rather than becoming subject to the French.
Steffan settled in the southwest part of York Co. on a 320 A tract west of
the Chestnut Grove meetinghouse and cemetery. (Two miles south of
Jefferson, or Codorus)

Deed for 90 acres called "Troublesome Barrens", purchased from Jacob
Zeigler. It was improved land with some kind of house located at the
eastern end of Codorus twp. Steffan was the second owner. On 23 Mar 1770
this land was sold and Steffan settled on 290 acres at the extreme western
end of Codorus twp. He purchased this land 18 May 1771 from Michael
Danner, called "Rabbit's Home" ("Hose-A-Heim"). 24 August 1773 Steffan
bought a second tract of land, 33 acres callled "Ground Oak Hollow".

Steffans tombstone is the oldest marked grave in the Chestnut Grove

Michael DANNER

Michael surveyed York Road, a very important road as it linked York, PA to
the Baltimore port. Michael and sons Jacob and Henry also laid out the
Monocacy Trail, also called the Monocacy Rd. Michael had the title "King's
Commissioner of Highways, Pennsylvania" which was bestowed in 1734.

From: Three Sons of Steffan Petry

born 1706, Grand Duchy of Baden, near Manheim, Ger.
Died abt. 1 Dec, 1784 (this is date the will was probated) , York Co., PA

Michael sailed from Rotterdam on the ship James Goodwell, David Crockett,
The ship list included 53 families with 200 passengers as Palatines.
Arrived Philadelphia 27 Sept 1727.

Listed in 1770 as being one of the prominent members of the Conewago German
Baptist Brethren congregation (York Co., PA).

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