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From: Emerson Pereira de Olinda <>
Subject: Re: [BRAZIL] Family in Brazil
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 10:21:01 -0200
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It seems I've got some aditional information about the Daniel Kremer
about who I said in my previous message.

I've found a site that shows information about new pop music bands, and
it seems Daniel has one, wich name is Radioactiv.

The page that shows him is the following:

There's a picture of him and some information that positivelly
identifies him as the Daniel who says his grandfather is Guntram Kremer.
The points that make belive so is the name of Cinthya, identified as his
mother on the first page and as his contact on that new one. Also his
e-mail acount <mailto:>
indicates he is the same guy, once at pre previous page, even not
telling his e-mail, he say he likes to use the name "Troll" for his mail

The phone numbers are: +55 21 548 8972, +55 21 548 4236 and +55 21 9748
4619. That last one is a mobile. The page says Daniel speaks English
without any accent, so it shouldn't be hard to talk to them.

Please tell me if had succes talking to him and if I could be of any
aditional help, ok?

Best regards,

Emerson P. Olinda
Brasilia - Brasil

Kjell Haaland escreveu:

>I am searching for my second cousines Fredrik (Friedrich?) Wilhelm and
>Ditlef (Detlef?) Ole Kremer. Their mother Astri Lien Kremer was born in
>Bergen, Norway. Okt 25. 1920 and died in Brazil Nov. 19. 1958. Their father
>was a german engineer, Guntram Kremer. He was working for an oil company. I
>do not know where in Brazil they live. They probably went back to Germany
>after their mother died and came back to Recife in 1960 - 1963. Guntram
>Kremer is probably still alive. If you find any of them in a telephone
>catalog, please let them know about this e-mail. Or is there any other way
>to find them? Thank you for your help.
>Kirsten Lien Haaland, adr Rennekleiva 7, N 6800 Førde, Norway
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