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From: Dixie Cutler <>
Subject: Re: [BOWER] CHAT-Christmas celebrations (cont.)
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 14:06:42 -0800

Can't resist (being Canadian of English/Scots background) a comment
on Ron's Boxing Day explanation. When I was a child, I was told that
it was Boxing Day because the gnetry in England boxed food and
supplies to give to their tenants and the poor.
Any of our English cousins want to correct me if I'm wrong?
Best from Canada
Dixie Bower Cutler
>Boxing Day in Canada: (Cont.)
>I forgot to mention that Canadian "Boxing Day" is the day after Christmas,
>December 26th, and is an official, legal Canadian holiday. I understand, if I
>remember correctly, it (Boxing Day) was originally for finalizing
>boxing gifts, storing and cleaning things up, etc. However, a close Canadian
>friend and former co-worker who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, told me
>he remembers
>it as having evolved into a large shopping spree day where people
>went to stores
>and bought various "boxes" of things at greatly reduced,
>after-Christmas prices,
>like here in the states. (Side note: Western Canada and Eastern Canada are
>somewhat different culturally, Western Canada being more progressive in many
>ways, but more politically conservative; whereas, Eastern Canada being more
>old-time traditional, albeit more liberal politically.)
>Ron Myers
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