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From: Carolyn W Dyer <>
Subject: Re: [BLEVINS-L] Need some Blevins feedback
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 23:38:56 -0400
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In reference to Levi Blevins 1779 Virginia died 1861 Lawrence County,
Kentucky. I removed Solomon from the Levi Blevins family many years
ago. Solomon is connected to the Blevins group we find in Bath County.
I would place him more in line with the James Blevins family living in
Bath and Menifee County, Kentucky. No parents have ever been
established for Solomon. He appeared around 1830 and the only Blevins
families there at that time was the family of James Blevins. I have
collected a large research file on Levi Blevins with many documents
found in the Archives such as deeds and court document . I have
information on Levi before arriving in Kentucky, but have no
documentation to connect him with parents, brothers or sisters. Only
theory on who that could possibly be. My theory is there is a connection
to the James Blevins 1751, Levi Blevins 1779 and William Blevins 1780.
As of this date we have found no documentation to support our theory. I
also have documentation to place the family of Solomon and Elizabeth
Quinley Blevins in Bath County, Menifee, Morgan and Greenup County,
Kentucky. Elizabeth is found 1880 living in Greenup County, KY. We
visited the grave of James Blevins 1751 on Memorial Day of this year.
Gail Blevins of Ashland is responsible for placing a Revolutionary War
foot marker on the grave to let others know.
We are in constant research seeking any information to help solve the
Blevins mysteries of Eastern Kentucky.
I have identified the following as the Children of Levi and Mary Blevins
Children of LEVI BLEVINS and MARY are:

2. i. NATHANIEL3 BLEVINS, b. 1805, Virginia; d.
Bef. 1840, Lawrence County, Kentucky. married Rebecca Wooten January
1824, Floyd County, Kentucky

3. ii. ABAGAIL BLEVINS, b. 1807, North Carolina. m.
Benjamin Porter 1927 Floyd County, KY

4. iii. MARGARETT "PEGGY" BLEVINS, b. 1814, Virginia;
d. Bet. 1861 - 1868, Johnson County, Kentucky. Married James
Mollett/Mullett March 16, 1834

5. iv. SAMUEL J. BLEVINS, b. 1816, Virginia. Married
Mary Mollett/Mullett 1839 Lawrence County, KY

6. v. JAMES BLEVINS, b. 1820, Virginia; d. Aft.
1880, Johnson County, Kentucky. Married Elizabeth Mollett/Mullett
March 1837, Lawrence County, KY

7. vi. ZELPHENEY BLEVINS, b. 1822, VA; d. 1863,
Johnson County, Kentucky. Married John B. Mollett/Mullett 1841
Lawrence County, KY. died 1863

8. vii. EMARETA BLEVINS, b. 1826 Lawrence County,
Kentucky; d. Dec 1880 Lawrence County, Kentucky Married James Price
March 1843. He died 1880

9. viii. ELLENOR "ELLEN" BLEVINS, b. 1829, Lawrence
County, Kentucky. Married Stephen Williamson Feb 21, 1850 Lawrence
County , KY

JR., 18 Jul 1827, Floyd County, Kentucky. Married Patrick Porter.
I have no information on this family .+

Carolyn Wilson Dyer
Georgetown, Kentucky


>Sandy, it is good to see your inquiry after a long absence. Your message on
>the close residences of your Levi Blevins and that of William Henry Blevins,
>the son of Nathan and Mary (Rogers) Blevins does throw some new light onto
>the subject of the ancestry of your Levi. However since the known family of
>Nathan and Mary (probably 2nd wife) is believed to be fully identified (see
>pasted data later), it is unlikely that Levi was a brother of William Henry.
>When we study the Blevins families located in Scott and Russell Counties of
>Virginia in 1820 and 1830 and of Lawrence Co, KY for 1830, the only
>unidentified male born ca. 1817 that I find is:
>Levi Blevins born ca. 1779 had an as yet unidentified male born ca.
>1815-1820. Carolyn Dyer has tentatively identified that male as Solomon, but other
>researchers have failed to confirm that theory. (Although your Levi in census
>records gives his birth as both TN and KY, that still doesn't eliminate
>Virginia if he moved to KY as a small child and was raised there. (Could your
>Levi possibly be this unidentified son of Levi the elder?)
>A little over two years ago, I compiled an 84 page discussion paper entitled
>Blevins Families of Southwest Virginia. (I would be happy to share that
>discussion paper via an email attachment if you can open, read and print from a
>Word document and are interested in reading it. That offer also extends to
>others interested in these families.) That paper discusses the apparently
>closely connected families of my 4th great uncle Daniel Blevins b. ca. 1760's,
>Levi Blevins born ca. 1779, and William Blevins born ca. 1780. In addition to
>their connections in southwestern VA in the 1810/1820 and beyond timeframe
>and 1820's and beyond in KY, etc. for Levi and William, all three of these
>families were in Ashe County, NC records in the period between 1800 and 1810
>with Levi having at least 12 Ashe County land transactions between 1803 and 1816
>and is reported by one researcher as leaving twin daughters who were married
>by 1816 in that county. Daniel and Levi were on the 1810 Russell County, VA
>tax list along with Nathan Blevins (the Revolutionary War pensioner) who was
>almost certainly a brother of Daniel, and of Wells and my James of Ashe
>County. Nathan was also on the 1810 Ashe County, NC census and died in Ashe
>County in 1834. Nathan had been in the Russell Co, VA personal property tax
>records in 1787 and again in 1789 when his probable brother Wells Blevins had
>joined him there. About 1790 Nathan moved to Greene Co, KY, only to join
>probable brothers in Ashe Co, NC by 1803.
>The discussion paper also discusses separately some introduction to the
>family of Carolyn's ancestor James Blevins b. ca. 1751. It does not attempt to
>repeat any of Carolyn's research, but rather provides data from official
>records. It is very possible that her James was also in Ashe Co, NC around 1800
>before being found in Lee Co, VA in the 1810 tax list and 1820 census. James
>moved to eastern KY about 1821 as did Levi by 1824 and William by 1826 as
>well as some of the children of Daniel and Sarah. My theory is that James is
>the same James whose "improvement" is referenced in an 1802 land entry on
>Helton Creek in Ashe County to Daniel Strunk. Also in some census records James'
>son James born ca. 1802 and daughter Hannah born ca. 1804 give their
>birthplace as North Carolina.
>The known birthdates of the children of both Daniel and Carolyn's James
>leave open the possibility that they had a prior marriage and earlier
>unidentified children.
>I am pasting below one page of data from that discussion paper as it relates
>to Nathan and Mary (Rogers) Blevins. Note that based on the 1830 and 1840
>Scott and Russell Co, VA census records, there are no unidentified males and
>no male born prior to 1820. I am crossing my fingers that the pasted
>information below will come through the Rootsweb server in the format that I am
>seeing as I enter it into this message. Many times I have see emails that were
>compressed to a size that made the census records unintelligible. If that
>happens my only recourse is to send you part of the Word document.
>I look forward to your comments.
>Ron Blevins of West Point, VA
>Z 2104. NATHAN BLEVINS2 (Daniel Blevins1); born ca.
>1795-1800; died ca. 1843-1850; married Mary S. Rogers, a native of Tennessee. In the
>1830 Scott Co, VA census, Nathan has one daughter 5-9 and two daughters under
>age 5, but no other female in his household; thus Mary may be a second wife.
> W. C. Blevins in his discussion paper The First Nathan Blevins writes in
>part "The father of Linkhorn, the younger, was a Nathan Blevins. This Nathan
>was married to a Mary Rogers, born in Tennessee. When Daniel the father of
>Linkhorn, the elder, southwest Virginia his wife Sarah gave up
>the homestead and returned with her children to the Clinch River settlements,
>thought to be in Tennessee. The last child born to Nathan and Mary Rogers
>Blevins in 1843 was named Fletcher...." In his discussion paper Linkhorn
>Blevins' Relatives -The Five Nathans, W. C. Blevins again writes in part "Very
>little is known about this Nathan. The certificate of marriage for Linkhorn,
>the younger, born 1832, lists his father and mother as Nathan and Mary Blevins.
> This is the only known documentation for this Nathan Blevins. The date of
>Nathan's birth is approximated from the 1830 and 1840 Russell Co, VA census
>which listed him as ages 30-39 and 40-49, thus born ca. 1790-1800, and the
>1820 census for his father Daniel Blevins where Nathan is believed to be one of
>the males age 18-25, thus born ca. 1795-1802. In the 1850 census for Nathan’
>s widow Mary, the oldest child is a daughter Mary born ca. 1826, but the
>1840 Russell County census included a daughter age 15-19, thus born between 1820
>and 1825. It should also be noted that another researcher Mary Jo Basham in
>a letter to this writer, dtd. 9 Sep. 1996, wrote that Nathan Blevins' wife
>was named Mary Daniels. The 1850 Russell Co, VA census shows that the eight
>children then at home were all born in Scott Co, VA. The 1840 census
>included a male age 10-14 who was not in the 1830 or 1850 census and has not been
>identified. That male may be John Blevins who was age 20 in the 1850 census,
>listed as a laborer in the household of Aaron and Catherine Nash, only seven
>households removed from that of Mary Blevins and her seven other children.
>Source: Emails dtd. 10 Mar. 1998 from Pauline Graham and Walter Blevins, 12
>Mar. 2001 Kenneth Wm. Blevins
>The First Nathan Blevins, unpublished discussion paper by W. C. Blevins,
>dtd. 20 June 1988.
>Letter dtd. 9 Sep. 1996 from Mary Jo Basham of San Diego, CA. Ken Blevins
>email dtd. 14 Mar. 2001
>Census - see below: Earl Blevins letter dtd. 2 Feb. 1994. Russell
>Co, VA vital statistics.
>1830 Scott Co, VA 1840 Russell Co, VA 1850 Russell,
>VA #706 1900 Wise Co, VA #33
>Nathan Blevins 30-39 Nathan Blevins 40-49 Mary Blevins 48
>TN Nathan Blevins 54 VA wd.
>1 female 5-9 1 female 40-49
>Sarah 24 VA Hopkins 25 son
>2 females 0-4 1 female 15-19
>Candess 22 John 22 son
>1 male 10-14 Linkhorn 18
> Sarah A. 74 sister
>Daniel Blevins 60-69 1 female 10-14
>Daniel 16 Kandissie 70 sister wd.
>1 female 50-59 2 males 5-9
>Thomas 14
>1 female 20-29 2 males 0-4
> James 12
>1 male 15-19
> William 9
>1 male 0-4
> Fletcher 7
>1 female 0-4
>Z 2120. possibly Lucinda Blevins b. ca. 1820/1825
>married Henry Smith, 24 July 1838, Scott Co, VA
>+ Z 2121. Sarah A. Blevins b. May 1826 d.
>after 1900
>+ Z 2122. Candess Blevins b. Feb. 1830 d. after 1900
>married Benjamin McClanahan, 27 Aug. 1852, Russell Co, VA
>+ Z 2123. Linkhorn Blevins b. July 1832 d. ca. 1912
>Lincoln Co, WV
>married Alcey Burchett, 28 Oct. 1857, Russell Co, VA
>+ Z 2124. Daniel Austin Blevins b. ca. 1834 d. 1883
>married Aley Hale,
>Z 2125. Thomas Blevins b. ca. 1836
>Z 2126. James Blevins b. ca. 1838
>+ Z 2127. William Henry Blevins b. 1840 d. 7 July
>1911, Scott Co, AK
>married Cynthia Eleanor Anthony, 22 Apr. 1872, Scott Co, AK
>+Z 2128. Nathan Fletcher Blevins b. ca. 1844/1847
>married: 1.Mary Turner, 7 Jan. 1868, Russell Co, VA
>3.Frances ______
>In a message dated 8/22/2005 10:56:39 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
>This is to all the veteran Blevins researchers and anyone else who knows
>this line. Alot of you have heard of the Levi Blevins b 1817 Ky or Tn. He
>married Elizabeth Young in Tishomingo Ms 1840. These are my gr gr grandparents.
>I have found something that I would like to see if anybody knows any info or
>can tell me where to go on this line. I have found a Wm Henry Blevins b
>1841 VA. I first find him in 1850 at age 9 with his mother Mary Blevins age 48
>Tn, and his brothers & sisters, Candes, Linkhorn, Daniel, Thomas, James &
>Fletcher. I follow Wm all the way to Crawford Co. AR where spends the rest of
>his life. He and his wife Cynthia are buried there. The point to this is, I
>do believe there is a strong connection between this Wm Henry Blevins and my
>Levi Blevins b 1817. I dont think they are brothers unless they are half
>brothers, but I do believe that possibly Wm's father could be brother to my
>Levi Blevins. The reason for this is that when Wm Henry Blevins & his!wife and
>family, move to Crawford Co Ar. They are right next to, or in between all
>the other family of Levi Blevins, like James Henry Young, which is the gr
>nephew of Elizabeth Young Blevins and James Phillips, who is the brother of my gr
>grandmother Nancy Phillips Blevins. Also the Cradducks are close by too,
>which are connected to my Blevins family. I think that the father of Wm Henry
>Blevins is Linkhorn Blevins, and I would like some suggestions from anyone
>from this line or some thoughts about any missing Blevins males from this line.
>Thanks for your time.
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