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From: Nancy Cluff Siders <>
Subject: William Blanchard of RI; also lived in Hartford, CT...?
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 05:23:44 -0600

I'm still trying to figure out the Blanchards of Rhode Island! Perhaps one
of you can help me? I just received the following from a new correspondent
who also descends from William BLANCHARD and Jane STEERE.

>Got an email from a man in Maryland who said he believes the family is from
>France, but he does not know anything for sure. Here is the information I
>have on William that says he is the son of Richard.
>I have no dates on Richard at all. I have typed info from a deed which
>2 Sept 1720, Hartford, CT: William Blanchard, weaver, son of Richard;
>formerly of Hartford, CT, now of Providence, RI gives power of attorney to
>William Dean, who in turn appointed Caleb Bull to oversee the use of certain
>property during William's absence.

In the book BLANCHARDS OF RHODE ISLAND by Adelaide Blanchard
Crandall published in 1942, she does write about a Richard but as a brother
not as a father. "Of William Blanchard's parentage we know nothing.
Dr. Wm. Love considered him perhaps to have been a younger brother of
Richard Blanchard, who was admitted to the Providence Plantation in 1697.
From EARLY RECORDS OF PROVIDENCE by Rogers and Field, Vol. XI,
p. 33, in a report of a town meeting, April 8, 1697 we read: 'Whereas there is
a stranger, one Richard Blanshard and his wife, being distressed by ye Indian
warrs at ye Eastward, and there put out of a way for a lively hood, are come
into our towne desireing of ye towne admittance that in this towne he and his
wife may have liberty to abide'. They abode, and five months later their son,
John was born, 9-19-1697. His birth is recorded in Warwick, also
Benjamin, born 11-17-1701, Mary, born 4-21-1706."

Mrs. Crandall continues to write about Richard, "In Records of Wills, Bk. 1,
p. 177, at Apponaug is to be found an inventory of Richard's property. It
he was a weaver. There were other records of land deals of Richard and Mary,
his wife. Richard could hardly have been father to William, considering that
William's children were born not much later than Richard's. Both men were
weavers, Huguenots, who had left France to avoid religious persecution,
William's parents sojourning for some time in Hesse, and perhaps in some
other friendly country before embarking for America." (Mrs. Crandall
unfortunately does not give any references as to where she got her information
for her statement about Richard and William's origins in the last sentence.)

Is anyone on this list familiar with CT Blanchards and who might know
about the Richard BLANCHARD in the deed of 1720? I sure would appreciate
hearing from you if there are. Thanks. :)

Nancy Cluff Siders
Roswell, NM
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