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Linda Salisbury wrote:
> I am looking for anyone who can help me find out who my ggg-grandfather's, Richard E. Black, parents are. He was born May 16, 1825 in Wayne County, KY. I believe his parents are: John Black and Martha Patsey Shipley. I don't have any proof of this. Richard married Francis Jane Powell August 8, 1849. WHERE?
I believe he died March 25, 1897 in Texas. WHERE?
> Thank you.
I am researching two Black families in TX. Both families had their
oldest brother born in KY. And many Black researchers (descendants of
Robert, Joseph or Samuel) have told me I was looking for John, So you
see why your letter interests me very much. I am eager to know more
about your Richard Black.
Do know of any siblings?
Did Richard come from KY to TX?

Here are the particulars of my Black families:

BENJAMIN BLAIR BLACK, born 1808 in KY (don't know which co.), married
2X, first (1827) to Rachel Berry in Jackson Co. AL (3 sons), second to
Jane Little(1840)in Benton/Calhoun Co. AL (8 more children). This
family came to Freestone Co. TX early in 1851. He had a large family(73
grchildren, 2 of them named Richard) living in the area for in the area
for a couple of generations. Benjamin B Black's brother (at least
several researchers believe they are brothers), ALEXANDER FRIERSON BLACK
b 1830 MS came in the same wagon train.. It seems strange, their ages &
places of birth so far apart, but they were closely connected in
records, came to Freestone Co. together, Alex. helped Benj B. build his
house (Alex wasn't married yet), they named their kids the same names--I
have 15-16 Johns in my database, and at least that many Marthas. I don't
know if that's significant...the names are not unusual but they do seem
particularly repetative.
Alex married Lucinda Green had a large family--72 grandchildren. Both
families produced mostly sons, so there are MANY Blacks in Freestone &
surrounding counties in the 1850's, 1860's, 1870's. I am a descendant of
Alex & Lucinda Black.

My other Black family begins with a WILLIAM F. Black b 1808-10 KY. He
had two brothers, THOMAS C. BLACK b abt 1817 TN and JOSEPH M BLACK b
1829 AL. All three of these Black brothers were in Marengo Co. AL
1845-1850, married & started for Texas late in 1850. Wm F. stopped in
Bossier Parish LA., but his sons are in Anderson Co. in 1870. Thos.C &
Joseph M arrived 5 Dec 1850 in Anderson Co. TX (which is next door to
Freestone Co.) I have a Black Family Bible that lists records of these
3 Black brothers, and their age range is the same as the other one
above--in fact they could ALL be brothers, and there would be room for
your Richard! I am a descendant of Joseph M. Black.

There was a COLIN BLACK b 1792 Scotland who was always present at the
important events (marriages, deed transfers, etc as surety, bondsman,
witness) for Wm F, Thos. C, and Joseph M. in Marengo Co. AL in the
1840's. He is surely a relative, but later census records say their
father was born TN, mother born SC. He did not come to Texas with them,
but remained in Marengo Co. AL with a wife and children.

Well, I appreciate your time to read this--and I am eager to hear what
you can tell me about your Richard & John & Martha Shipley!


Linda M Sykes
Houston TX

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