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From: Sharon Satterfield <>
Subject: [BEARCE COUSINS] [Fwd: Bearse Family]
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 18:08:12 -0500

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From: Molecular Genealogy <>
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It is a possibility. We will need to have a large enough group interested
in participating to make our trip cost effective. We can also try to
organize other events in the area at the same time and combine them with
yours. How many people usually attend your reunions? How many would be
willing to participate in our research?

Let me know. We have time.

Ugo A. Perego
Director of Public Relations
Molecular Genealogy Research Group

tel. (801) 378-1245

775 WIDB - BYU
Provo, UT 84602

At 07:11 AM 11/22/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Ugo,
>I am very intrigued with you molecular genealogy study. I would like you
>to consider the Bearse family. A branch of this family were Mormons and
>we have very good records. We were also reportedly descended from a
>variety of Indian tribes in the Northeastern United states. For
>instance, I am reportedly a direct descendant of Massasoit, the grand
>chief who met the Pilgrims. These tribes were ravaged by King Phillips
>War (the bloodiest war ever fought in New England) and are not Federally
>recognized, in part because of problems tracing genealogy. We are
>planning a family reunion for the last weekend in October, 2001. this is
>the weekend after the Pokanoket Wampanoag Pow Wow.
>The family is split beteen the traditional genealogists who require
>written documentation and the native people who allow for oral
>tradtition. Actually there is quite a lot of written documentationa sa
>well, but not quite enough. George Bush is one of our cousins. I know
>one of his staff members well and could maybe get his participation.
>We have 10-12 generations documented, so it would be a fine, willing
>group to participate.
>Sharon Satterfield, MD


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