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From: Gary Bastin <>
Subject: Part 2: Ancestors of Malissa Bell 'Belle' Bastin
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 09:21:08 -0400 (EDT)

This is part 2 of the reply to Chris. This part contains notes
on William Bastin, and Thomas & Hannah Bastin.

- Gary

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Gen. No. 4

8. William B. Bastin, b. 1773 in Pittsylvania Co, VA
or Caswell Co, NC; d. Bef. 18 Nov 1818 in Casey Co, KY.
He was the son of 16. Thomas Bastin & 17. Hannah
Brockman. He mrd. 9. Deborah Cook 1794 in Caswell
Co, NC.
9. Deborah Cook, b. 1775 in Pittsylvania Co, VA (or
PA?); d. 1850 in Casey Co, KY. She was the dau. of
18. Edward Cook & 19. Priscilla ???.

Notes for William B. Bastin:
William & Deborah (Cook) Bastin moved from Caswell Co,
NC about 1800 to Pulaski Co, KY & settled a short distance
northwest of Somerset. All of his children settled in Lincoln
Co, KY.
(Source: The Bastins of Casey, Lincoln & Pulaski Counties
written by Dr. Harold E. Ragle of California in 1968.)

Date of death is stated as 15 Nov 1818 by Wanda L. Braner,
Palm Harbor, FL. This is 3 days before power of attorney is
signed in Pulaski Co, KY. - GLB 26 Dec 1996

Middle Initial of "B." is from records of Edward Bastin Webb,
in a letter of 3/1995 to Glenda Bastin. - GLB
26 Dec 1996

The Casey Co., KY tax list for 1816 lists William Bastin with
200 acres on Fishing Creek Water Course. On the 1819 tax
list, Deborah Bastin is listed for the 200 acres of land. Source:
People of Early Casey County, Kentucky, 1992, by Faye Bastin
Paevey Cornett - GLB 28 Dec 1996

Children of William Bastin & Deborah Cook:
i.Stephen Bastin, b. 1795 in Caswell Co, NC;
d. in Moved from Casey Co, KY to Lincoln Co, KY; mrd. Betty ???.
4ii.John Benjamin 'Johney' Bastin, b. 1797 in
Caswell Co, NC; d. 1871 in Casey Co, KY; mrd.
Sarah Ann 'Sally' Reed 20 Dec 1820 in Casey Co, KY.
iii.Benjamin Boyd Bastin, b.
20 Aug 1798 in Caswell Co, NC; d. 16 Apr 1874 in Putnam
Co, IN; mrd. (1) Nancy Morgan 04 Apr 1824
in Casey Co, KY; mrd. (2) Aurilla Edson
Larkin 26 Jun 1854 in Putnam Co, IN.

Notes for Benjamin Boyd Bastin:
Benjamin Boyd Bastin, grandson of Thomas &
Hannah Bastin, migrated from Caswell Co, NC
to Casey Co, Kentucky about 1817 & to
Putnam Co, Indiana in 1830. Source: Letter
from Richard W. Bastin to Janet Cochran of
Stanford Ky, dtd 25 Nov 1980. Copy obtained
from Glenda Bastin. - GLB 26 Dec 1996

iv.Tabitha Bastin, b. 22 Mar 1799
in Caswell Co, NC; d. 26 Jul 1864 in Highland, Lincoln
Co, KY; mrd. Godfrey Young 26 May 1817.
v.Thomas Bastin, b. 1802 in
Caswell Co, NC; d. 1868 in TN; mrd. Judith Hodge
15 Dec 1823 in Caswell Co, NC.
vi.Edmund Bastin, b. 1801 in
Caswell Co, NC; mrd. Elizabeth Brock 07 Apr 1831
Lived in Lincoln Co, KY.
vii.Anna Bastin, b. 1805 in
Caswell Co, NC; d. 1852 in Lincoln Co, KY; mrd.
Henry Reed Abt. 1825 in Pulaski Co, KY.
viii.Mary Bastin, b. 1807 in
Caswell Co, NC (or 1809 by Dr. Ragle); d. 1837 in
Pulaski Co, KY; mrd. Rev. Clinton Kelly 15 Aug 1827 in
Pulaski Co, KY.

Notes for Rev. Clinton Kelly:
Rev. Clinton Kelley went to Oregon in 1848, long
after his first wife, Mary Bastin, had died.
Source: The Bastins of Casey, Lincoln, &
Pulaski Counties by Dr. Harold E. Ragle. - GLB, 28 Dec 1996

ix.William C. 'Billy' Bastin,
born 04 Dec 1809 in VA (by 1850 Census); Pulaski Co, KY
(by Quincy Bastin); d. 19 Jul 1883 in Highland,
Lincoln Co, KY (or 22 July 1883 by Quincy
Bastin); mrd. Sarah A. 'Sallie' Dickerson 03
Nov 1832 in Lincoln Co, KY (or 3 May 1832 by
Quincy Bastin).

Notes for William C. 'Billy' Bastin:
William C. Bastin & his wife Sarah A. Dickerson
are both buried in Mt. Moriah Cem at Highland
in Lincoln Co, KY.

Marriage Date is shown as 3 Aug 1831 by Dr.
Harold E. Ragle. - GLB 28 Dec 1996

x.William Azariah Bastin, b.
15 Mar 1813 in Pulaski Co, KY (or 13 Mar 1813);
d. Feb 1879 in Lincoln Co, KY; mrd.
Elizabeth Inyard 04 Mar 1839 in Lincoln Co, KY.

10. John Reed. He mrd. 11. ???.
11. ???.

Notes for John Reed:
By tradition, John Reed's wife is thought to be a Cherokee
Indian by some researchers. There was supposedly an 'Indian
Hatchet' included in this tradition that some claim to have seen,
but the story is probably just a family legend that is unfounded.
- GLB 2 Jan 1997

Child of John Reed & ???:
5i.Sarah Ann 'Sally' Reed, b. 1798
in Casey Co, KY; d. 1882 in Casey Co, KY; mrd. John
Benjamin 'Johney' Bastin 20 Dec 1820 in Casey Co, KY.

12. John Carman, b. in Moved to Casey Co, KY from
Caswell Co, NC. He was the son of 24. Hezekiah Carman
and 25. Elinor Talbot. He mrd. 13. Sarah Hancock.
13. Sarah Hancock.

Child of John Carman & Sarah Hancock:
6i.Isham Carman, b. Abt. 1812 in
Casey Co, KY; mrd. Frances Stevens 1831-1835.

14. John Stevens. He mrd. 15. Sarah 'Sally'
15. Sarah 'Sally' Padgett.

Child of John Stevens & Sarah Padgett:
7i.Frances Stevens, mrd.
Isham Carman 1831-1835.

Gen. No. 5

16. Thomas Bastin, b. Abt. 1745 in VA, probably near
Danville, Pittsylvania Co; d. Jan 1817 in Caswell Co, NC.
He mrd. 17. Hannah Brockman Abt. 1770.
17. Hannah Brockman, b. Abt. 1749 in VA
(Albemarle Co?, Orange Co?); d. Oct 1834 in Caswell Co,
NC. She was the dau. of 34. William Brockman & 35.
Elizabeth 'Betty' Mason.

Notes for Thomas Bastin:

1777 Thomas Bastin is listed on the Caswell Co, NC Tax List.

1783, 13 Oct Thomas Bastin purchases 600 acres on Little
Wolf Island Creek in Caswell Co, NC.

1804, 10 Sep Thomas Bastin of Caswell County NC buys 100
acres of land for $120 from John Milby of Rockingham Co,

1810 Caswell Co, NC Tax List lists Thomas Bastin along with
his sons including Thomas Bastin, Jr.

30 Jan. 1817 Thomas Bastin dies intestate (without a will).
Hannah receives the customary (by English Common Law)
portion of 1/3 of the land; the remaining land is divided among
his children (73 acres, each).

1834 Hannah Bastin's estate settlement is recorded in Caswell
Co, NC.

Additional records:
--The first Federal Census of 1790 is not available but the
County Tax list for Hillsborough District, Caswell County
lists Thomas Bastin
--The State Census of 1786 for Caswell District lists Thomas
Bastin (41 yrs. old). 3 white males under 20 & 7 white
females (all ages)
--Thomas received 600 acres at the price of 50 shillings per
100 acres from the State, witness Alexander Martin, esq.,
our Govenor Captains General & Commander in Chief at
Hillsborough in the 8th year of our independence, October
13, 1783
--Thomas received land grant for 600 acres on October 1,
1772 on Little Wolf Creek
--In 1820 Federal Census only John (26-45), Hannah &
Thomas Jr., (26-45) listed
--The tax list for Caswell District of 1797 shows both Thomas
Bastin & William Bastin
--The estate of Thomas Bastin was probated in 1817
--1835 Inventory of the Property of the Estate of Hannah

Thomas Bastin entered a claim 1 October 1778 for 600 acres
of land on Little Wolfe Island Creek, Caswell Co, NC Claim
was granted. He bought additional land in Caswell County in
1790 & in 1811 according to deed records.

Thomas Bastin d. intestate in January 1817 after which his
widow Hannah, petitioned Caswell County Court for a year's
provisions. In July, 1817, the court was ordered by jury to lay
off & allot Hannah Bastin, widow of Thomas Bastin,
deceased, her third of land containing 186 acres & including
the Mansion House & other outhouses. She continued to live
there until she d. in 1834.

Some family researchers have claimed that Thomas Bastin was
born in Pittsylvania Co, VA & that his three oldest children
were b. there as well.

Notes for Hannah Brockman:
Hannah's parents are believed to be William Brockman &
Elizabeth (Mason) Brockman, of Albemarle County, VA. No
definitive proof has been found yet, but this does fit the
relationship stated with Hannah being the sister of
the father of the Rev. John Brockman who mrd. Moriah
(Maria) Watson, as stated in a letter from 1934 written by two
relatives. - GLB, 7 Dec 1996

Children of Thomas Bastin & Hannah Brockman:
i.Sarah Bastin, b. 1771 in
Pittsylvania Co, VA or Caswell Co, NC; mrd.
Brockman Nichols.
8ii.William B. Bastin, b. 1773 in
Pittsylvania Co, VA or Caswell Co, NC; d. Bef. 18 Nov 1818
in Casey Co, KY; mrd. Deborah Cook 1794 in
Caswell Co, NC.
iii.John B. Bastin, b. 1775 in
Pittsylvania Co, VA or Caswell Co, NC ( or 1779);
d. 1857 in Monroe Co, IN; mrd. (2) Margaret ???;
mrd. (1) ??? (Priscilla Baldwin?).

Notes for John B. Bastin:
A John Bastin was in east Barren County KY for
the 1840 US Census. Probably this was the same
John, brother to Thomas Jr. & William. - GLB 2 Jan 1997

John Bastin was in the Monroe County Indiana
Census Record for 1850 according to the Thomas
& Hannah Bastin family sheet found in the
Bastin Family File At the Casey County KY
Library. Source: Janet Cochran, Hustonville
Road, Stanford, KY 24 May 1987 - GLB
26 Dec 1996

iv.Milly Bastin, b. 1777 in
Pittsylvania Co, VA (or 1775); Settled in
Monroe Co, IN; mrd. (1) William Ables; mrd.
(2) James Robertson.

Notes for William Ables:
William Abell (Ables) d. in 1799 in Caswell
Co, NC. Thomas Bastin was administrator of his
estate. Source: Wanda L. Braner, Palm Harbor,
FL - GLB 26 Dec 1996

v.Anna 'Amy' Bastin, b.
1779 in Caswell Co, NC (or 1777), of Pulaski Co, KY
(1818); mrd. Thomas Langwell.

vi.Elizabeth Bastin, b. 1781
in Caswell Co, NC (or 1784); d. 30 May 1859 in
Caswell Co, NC (or 1848); mrd. John Powell.
vii.Thomas Bastin , Jr., b.
06 Feb 1783 in Caswell Co, NC; d. 1858 in Green Co, KY
(now Metcalfe Co, KY); mrd. Mary W. (Wayson?) Atwell.

Notes for Thomas Bastin , Jr.:
According to my grandfather, James Cordis
Bastin, & his first cousin, Garnett L.
Bastin, Sr. (both of Hiseville, Barren County,
KY), Thomas Bastin, Jr. came over the
mountains from NC to KY with his brother. The
brother later moved to IL or IN. (1971). - GLB

This brother of Thomas Bastin, Jr., appears to be John Bastin. He
is listed in the 1840 east Barren County, KY census
with Thomas Bastin, Jr. It appears that he moved
to Morgan County, IN in the early 1840's, & that
he raised a second family there. (July 1997)

According to Othella Lile of Hardyville, KY
(Sept. 1993), the Bastins, Nunns, Atwells &
Jewells came into Ky from NC in the early 1800s
by wagons. They were on their way to MO but
the weather turned bad so they ended up staying
in KY Some of the Bastins did go on to MO.

According to Irene McGlasson of Horse Cave,
KY (March 1994), some of the Atwell, Bastin,
Jewell, & Nunns all came to KY together in
covered wagons in a wagon-train around 1809 or
1810. John Atwell bought land in Green Co, KY
in 1811. The Atwells were from MD - came
through VA & NC to KY. The Bastins were
from NC; The Jewells were from VA or NC.

According to Janet Cochran, Hustonville Road,
Stanford, KY (24 May 1987), Thomas Bastin, Jr.
was living in Pulaski Co, KY in 1828. I think
this was the other Thomas Bastin, Jr.

A Thomas Bastin of KY was a Private in the War
of 1812. He served under the Roll of Captain
James McNeils Company, 2nd Regiment, KY.
This Thomas Bastin is not the same as our
Thomas Bastin, Jr. since he had not migrated
from Caswell Co, NC this early.

According to Wanda L. Braner, Thomas bought
land in Caswell Co in 1817 & 1818. The 1809
Caswell County, NC Tax List shows Thomas Jr.
there, also. In 1810, the Caswell Co Index of Census
Records shows Thomas Jr still there.
Caswell Co Record of Deeds, Book T, page 321,
dtd. 13 Dec 1818, shows Thomas Jr. buying 73
acres of land from his sister Anna Bastin & John
Newell. This is from a letter from Wanda L. Braner to
Glenda Bastin, dtd. 5 Mar 1995.- GLB, 26 Dec 1996

viii.Temperance 'Tempy' Bastin,
born 1785 in Caswell Co, NC; d. in Lived in Pulaski Co, KY
(1818); mrd. John Newell.

18. Edward Cook, b. in of Pittsylvania Co, VA. He
mrd. 19. Priscilla ???.
19. Priscilla ???, b. in of Pittsylvania Co, VA.

Child of Edward Cook & Priscilla ???:
9i.Deborah Cook, b. 1775 in
Pittsylvania Co, VA (or PA?); d. 1850 in Casey Co, KY;
mrd. (1) William B. Bastin 1794 in Caswell Co, NC;
mrd. (2) James 'Barney' Smith 01 May 1825
in Casey Co, KY.

24. Hezekiah Carman. He mrd. 25. Elinor Talbot.
25. Elinor Talbot.

Child of Hezekiah Carman & Elinor Talbot:
12i.John Carman, Moved to Casey Co, KY
from Caswell Co, NC; mrd. Sarah Hancock.

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