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From: Jeannie Travis <>
Subject: [BARKER] John Walton Barker
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 23:02:47 -0500

I have a genealogy based issue of Cumberland Lore, published monthly in
the Clarksville, TN newspaper about the lovely home named Cloverlands
built by JOHN WALTON BARKER for his bride, MARY MINOR MERIWETHER in 1820
near Clarksville, TN...They came here from Virginia, and together had 4
children...He also fathered 4 children by his second wife, ELLEN MORRIS
..CHILES BARKER, a son, was the second owner of Cloverlands...and
fathered 10 children...There were slave quarters....Also , large flint
boulders are found in a nearby cave, and many arrowheads and flint chips
are to be found around the place..A stream runs in the cave about 100
feet back from the entrance and was used to pump water from in drought
times...There is a cemetery, but it was vandalized over the years, and as
many as 20 headstone are thought to be missing...
John Walton Barker was a tobacco farmer, and took trips to New Orleans
to sell and ship his crop, always bringing home pecan seedlings to set
out...some of which flourish today...The house is full restored and is a
private residence..".Meriwethers were known for their culture and
learning and the Barkers for their business acumen ."
I looked in the local library for a Barker family book, but didn't find
one. In a local cemetery, Greenwood, there is a large tombstone/monument
marked BARKER, and a few low grave markers scattered is kind
of in a little nook to itself...I must find out if this is part of John
Waltons Barkers family....AND must prove them kin to me ! I am sending
this in in hopes of finding someone to tie them into my family, WILLIAM
ELI BARKER SR. , birth date and -place unknown, died 2-4-1895, and
WILLIAM great Grandfather....5-9-1853 5-5-1949 Birth
place unknown, died near Gleason , TN...that is in West TN...
There are a lot of Barkers in Clarksville, and I have found out part of
them are black...Am wondering if they descended from the slaves on the
property named Cloverlands... Jeannie T
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