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From: "Ernest and Ann Williams" <>
Subject: [BANISTER] Allen BANNISTER/BANISTER Alabama (b 1825- d 1893)
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 11:14:48 -0500

Dear lists,

Is anyone else out there researching my Allen BANNISTER (sometimes
BANISTER). According to census records, he was born in South Carolina
between 1820 and 1825. His tombstone says 1825, but it is a recently (?)
added tombstone. Also the 1880 census says both his parents were born in

On the 1850 census, he is in Fayette Co., Ala., with wife Martha WHATLEY and
children William and Mary. He bought land from the government in Fayette Co.
in 1858 and in 1860. These three tracts of land were in Southern Fayette Co.
near Tuscaloosa Co., possibly near Bankston.

He bought land 2 Jul 1860 and turns up four days later on the census in
Pikeville, Marion Co.! (Can anyone give me a clue what might be going on

On the 1860 census in Marion Co., he is married to Manda with children
William, Mary, Edward, Thomas, Martha and Josephine (7 mo.). He is a farmer.

On the 1870 census in Marion Co., he is married to Amanda(?) with children
William, Edward, James* (age 15), Thomas, Martha, Josephine, John, Cicero,
Martin, Larkin, Jackson (or is this James A.?), and Benjamin. Occupation is

*This James is James Rufus, possibly living with L.L. Harton in Fayette Co.
on the 1860 census.

On the 1880 census in Marion Co., he is married (?) to Elmira (possibly
GREGORY) with children Martha Jane, John M., Cicero, Martin S., Larkin B.,
James Allen (age 12), and Robert Green. Occupation is mail carrier.

Allen's son Edward is Edward Wesley Bannister. This makes me think Allen
might be a brother to Edward Wesley Bannister of Talladega Co., Ala. Allen's
first name may be James.

If you have read this far, I would appreciate knowing if you have any clues

Allen's parents;
the circumstances of his marriages--dates, death dates of wives, maiden
names of wives;
the circumstances of his move to Marion Co.

Thank you very much.

Ann Melugin Williams

708 Misty Glen
Dallas, TX 75232

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