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Subject: List of Baggett family Obituaries 1923-1937 from Montgomery Co., TN-Lots of descendants mentioned.
Date: 15 Sep 2001 23:45:59 -0600

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Surnames: Baggett, Sinks, Dawson, Sardis, Lee, Ellis, Sugg, Bryant, Trotter, Rye, Smith, Davidson, Sykes, Hodges, Stack, McGhee, Wilson, Nichols, Lipscomb
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Hi List, here are several Baggett family members obituaries that were listed in the Clarksville Leaf Chronicle (CLC) in Montgomery, Tennessee (1922-1937). For your information, please note that some parts of Montgomery county later became Cheatham county in 1850s. So although, a person may have been born or lived at a location and never moved, they may be listed as being born in Montgomery County, but dying in Cheatham County. Hopefully, you will find a relative that you have been searching for. If you do, feel free to respond to this message so that others who are looking for the same relative(s) can find you!

1. Baggett, Charlie. Age 45 yrs. Died 26 Feb. 1923, at Arlington, TN while attending the funeral of his father, Newt Baggett. Leaves wife. Interment at Arlington Cemetery. (CLC 1 Mar. 1923, p.1).

2. Baggett, Mr. Newt. Age 69 yrs. Died 25 Feb. 1923, of pneumonia, in Arlington, TN. Survived by several children. Interment at Arlington. (Probably Houston County, TN). (CLC 26 Feb. 1923, p.1).

3. Baggett, Marshall. Age 28 yrs. Died ca. 9 Apr. 1925, of tuberculosis, in Johnson City, TN. W.W. I soldier. Son of late Landie and Lula Baggett. Leaves wife, the former Miss Delina Blackwell and two children, Marshall (3 yrs) and Martha Delma (5 mos). Survived by three brothers, Herschel, Calvin, and Oscar. Interment at Marion Cemetery. (CLC 10 Apr. 1925, p. 1).

4. Baggett, Arthur Douglas. Born in St. Bethlehem, TN. Age 16 yrs. Died 10 Oct. 1926, CHS> student. Son of William B. and Mai Smith Baggett, who survive. Leaves grandmother, Mrs. J.J. Smith, three brothers, Joe, Billie, Jr., and Kenneth Willis Baggett and three sisters, Misses Frances, Louise and Margaret Baggett. Methodist. (CLC 11 Oct. 1926, p. 1).

5. Baggett, Mildred Maxie. Age 18 mos. Died 28 June 1926, on College St. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Baggett. Interment at Rye’s Cemetery. (CLC 29 June 1926, p.4).

6. Baggett, Richard. Age 81 yrs. Died 26 Aug. 1926, in Shiloh, TN. Leaves wife and four children, A.T., Isham, Dancey Baggett, and Mrs. Marshall Biter. Survived by one sister, Mrs. Susan Sinks. Interment at Baggett Cemetery. (CLC 26 Aug. 1926, p.1).

7. Baggett, Estelle. Age 18 mos. Died ca. 7 Apr. 1927, on Route 6. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Berry Baggett, who survive. Leaves on brother and one sistser. Funeral at Baggett’s Chapel. (CLC 8 Apr. 1927, p.6).

8. Baggett, Mrs. Mary M. Born in Montgomery Co., TN. Age 80 yrs. Died 4 Oct. 1927, at home of son, Bell Baggett, in Shiloh, TN. Wife of Esq. John Baggett. Survived by husband and eight children: Bell, Albert, Luther, Lewis, Arthur, Mrs. W.R. Fain, Mrs. Charles Yarbrough, Mrs. R. L. Pruitte and a son, William Baggett is deceased. Methodist. Maiden name was Miss Mary M. Underwood. Interment in family cemetery, near Hackberry. (CLC 5 Oct. 1927, p. 1).

9. Baggett, Bettie Ann. Age 1 yr. Died 15 June 1928, of colitis, in Oak Plains, TN. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Baggett. Leaves on brother. Second death in Baggett family in less than a week. Interment in family cemetery. (CLC 19 June 1928, p.2).

10. Baggett, Johnny Cage. Age 14 mos. Died 6 May 1928, of colitis. Son of Edgar Baggett and Mary E. Perry Baggett of Excell community. Interment at Baggett Cemetery. Leaves two brothers, Oscar Guy and Edgar Russell, two sisters, Mary Ethel and Hazel Grace Baggett. (CLC 7 May 1928, p. 2).

11. Baggett, Joseph. Born in Montgomery County, TN 2 May 1844. Age 85 yrs. Died 16 May 1929, near Hackberry, TN. Leaves wife, Mrs. Mary Smith Baggett, to whom he married in 1872. Nine children were born to this union, Will, A.B., H.E., Leonard, Lemond, Mrs. Lennie Yarbrough, Mrs. R. L. Dawson, Mrs. George Sardis and Mrs. Ethyl Underwood. Leaves one sister, Mrs. Lucy Biter; two half-brothers, Gill and C.M. Baggett. Cumberland Presbyterian. Son of William Baggett and Susan Davis Baggett. Interment at Baggett Cemetery. (CLC 16 May 1929, p. 1).

12. Baggett, Mrs. Lena Lee. Born in Montgomery County, TN 22 Feb. 1873. Age 54 yrs. Died 10 Jan. 1929, on Main and Seventh St. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Lee. Methodist. Leaves four sons, L.H., J.T., Howard, and Lewis Wickham; three daughters, Mrs. I.C. Ellis, Mrs. R.W. Sugg, Miss Baggett. Interment at Myers Cemetery. (CLC 10 Jan. 1929, p. 1).

13. Baggett, Mrs. Lorene. Born in Shiloh, TN 12 Sept. 1884. Age 45 yrs. Died 10 Nov. 1929, on High St. Baptist. Wife of W.O. Baggett. Survived by husband and following children: Misses Wava, Anna Belle, and Mildred Baggett, Paul and Clarence. Leaves on brother, Jesse Baggett and one sister, Mrs. John Baggett. Interment at Riverview Cemetery (CLC 12 Nov. 1929, p. 1).

14. Baggett, Smith. Born in Shiloh, TN 4 Jan. 1907. Age 23 yrs. Drowned 28 June 1930, at Dunbar Cave Swimming Pool. Son of James and Evie Morgan Baggett, who lived on Seventh and Main St. Leaves two brothers, Coy and Leroy Baggett; two sisters, Misses Edna and Estelle Byard Baggett. Interment at Greenwood Cemetery. (CLC 28 June 1930, p. 1).

15. Baggett, Mrs. Mary. Born 15 Nov. 1844. Age 86 yrs. Died 18 Apr. 1931, near Hackberry, TN. Cumberland Presbyterian. Wife of late Josiah Baggett, who died in 1908. Daughter of late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Baggett. Leaves two sons, W.E. and L.J. Baggett. Survived by two brothers, John and Allen Baggett. Interment at Baggett Cemetery. (CLC 20 Apr 1931, p.1).

16. Baggett, Miss Ila. Age 22 yrs. Died 4 Aug. 1931, in Sylvia, TN. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Baggett, former citizes of Louise, TN, who survive. Leaves four sisters, Mrs. Henry Westerman, Mrs. Irvin Castleberry, Mrs. John Story, and Miss Thelma; three brothers, Larry, Preston, and Newell Baggett. Interment in Sylvia, TN. (CLC 7 Aug. 1931, p. 3).

17. Baggett, Julia May. Born near Shiloh, TN. Age 13 yrs. 8 mos. Died 21 Feb 1931. Lingering illness. Daughter oif Dorsey and Lula Rye Baggett. Survived by parents; four brothers and one sister. Interment at Baggett Cemetery. (CLC 24 Feb. 1931, p. 1).

18. Baggett, Robert. Born in Montgomery County, TN 21 Mar. 1856. Age 75 yrs. Died 22 Aug. 1931, on Washington St. Well known fiddler of Montgomery County and tin cutter by trade. Son of Jesse Baggett and Leona Hodges Baggett. Leaves on brother, Joe Baggett; one sister, Rebecca Tye; half-sister, Amanda Underwood. Interment at Baggett Cemetery in Dist. #20. (CLC 24 Aug. 1931, p. 1).

19. Baggett, Mrs. Angie. Age 49 yrs. Died 21 Oct. 1932, of heart disease. Wife of M.L. (Landy) Baggett. Maiden name was Miss Angie Yarbrough, daughter of late James and Later Mary Dickson Yarbrough. Leaves husband and following children: Carter, Herbert, Robert, John, Marion, Lawrence, Linnie, and Tennie. Leaves two brothers, Henry and Jessie Yarbrough; three sisters, Mr.s George Rye, Mrs. Walter Davis, and Mrs. Will Smith. Interment at family cemetery. (CLC 22 Oct. 1932, p. 1).

20. Baggett, Mrs. Cornelia. Died 28 Aug. 1932, in Grenada, Mississippi. Leaves on daugher, Mrs. J.F. Timmons. Survived by relative in Clarksville, Miss Matel Timmons and Robert Baggett. (CLC 2 Sept. 1932, p. 1).

21. Baggett, Mrs. J. D. (Louise). Born in Dover, TN in 1912. Age 21 yrs. Died 18 Sept. 1933, after taking strychnine, on Union St. Daughter of John and Callie Carney Scarbrough. Married 4 Jan. 1981 to J.D. Baggett. Survied by three sisters, Mrs. Mary Layton, Mrs. Bessie Hodges, and Mrs. Charles Lawrence; two brothers, John and Grady Scarbrough. Interment at Riverview Cemetery. (CLC 18 Sept. p. 1 also 21 Sept. 1933, p. 1).

22. Baggett, Marion. Born 10 Jan. 1921. Age 12 years. Died 22 Mar. 1933, near Cunningham, TN. Survived by father, M. L. Baggett, three brothers, Herbert and Carter Baggett; two sisters, Mrs. Burney Eades and Miss Tennie Baggett. His mother, Mrs. Agnes Yarbrough Baggett died ca. one year ago. Interment at Baggett Cemetery. (CLC 22 Mar. 1933, p. 1).

23. Baggett, Mr. Henry Wallace. Born in Montgomery County, TN. Age 80 yrs. Died 6 May 1933, in Cedar Hill, TN. Citizen of Woodford, TN. Married in early 1870 to Miss Jennie Stack, who is deceased. Seventeen children were born to this union, fourteen survive, Mrs. E.I. McGhee, Mrs. Willie Wilson, Mrs. Hubert Nichols, Miss Virgie, Mrs. T.H. Lipscomb, Miss Anna, Rev. John C. Baggett, J. E., R. L., E.W.,T. H., M. C., Renous, and Phil Baggett. (CLC 8 May 1933, p. 1).

24. Baggett, Ray M. Born 1 June 1933. Age 7 mos. Died 3 Jan 1934, at home of parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Baggett, of Gum Springs. Leaves three sisters, maggie, mary Nell, and Evelyn; four brothers, Acie, Wade, Paul, and Herschel Baggett. Interment at Black Cemetery. (CLC 4 Jan. 1934, p.6).

25. Baggett, James W. Born in Stewart County, TN on 8 Nov. 1877. Age 58 yrs. Died 22 Sept. 1935. City policeman and workhouse keeper. Son of C.C. Baggett and Mary Nash Baggett. Married 12 Feb. 1898 to Miss Blanche Weatherford. Survivors include wife; one son, Carney B. Baggett; one daughter, Mrs. Garfield Manning; three brothers, W. R., Melvin, and Berry Baggett; foursisters, Mrs. J.M. Britt, Mrs. W. F. Mackens, Mrs. Isham Harris, and Mrs. J.H. Rye. Interment at Riverview Cemetery. (NR) Picture included in original paper. (CLC 23 Sept. 1935, p. 1).

26. Baggett, Mrs. John Robert. Bron on 18 May 1857. Age 78 yrs. Died 12 Nov. 1935, from heart attach, in Lone Oak, TN Married twice. First, married Miss Sara Sykes, who is deceased. Children surviving first union are, Oliver Baggett, L.M. Baggett, and Mrs. Powell Baggett. Second marriedto Miss Willie Sykes, who died 1 Mar. 1920. Leaves following children by second union: Mrs. Isaac Biter, Mrs. Robert Lee, Howard and Fred Baggett. Sond of J. Baggett and Liza Davis. Interment at Davis Cemetery..(CLC 12 Nov 1935, p. 1).

27. Baggett, Walter. Born near Hackberry, TN on 6 Feb 1893. Age 42 yrs. Died 9 Aug. 1935, of tuberculosis, on Seventh St. Survivors include mother, Mrs. Sallie Smith Baggett; one brother, Howell; two sisters, Mrs. Jewell Reagan, and Mrs. Russell Eads. Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Baggett. Carpenter by trade. W.W.I veteran. Interment at Davis Cemetery. (CLC 10 Aug. 1935, p.1).

28. Baggett, William. Born in Montgomery County, TN on 3 Sept. 1912. Died 22 July 1935, of typhoid fever, on Wahington St. Salesman. Son of James Baggett and Nancy Lyle Baggett, who survive. Leave six sisters, Mrs. Kenneth Albright, Misses Lizzie, Emma, Nina, Louise, and Lula E. Baggett. Interment at Riverview Cemetery. (CLC 23 July 1935, p. 1).

29. Baggett, Benjamin Franklin. Born in Montgomery County, TN on 24 June 1847. Age 89 yrs. Died 8 Dec. 1936, of heart attach, in Dist. #18. Son of late James Baggett and Nancy Davis Baggett who were early settlers of that region. Married the late Miss Mary Harvey, who died in 1912. Survivors include ten children: Dave, A.L. , Dillard, Sterling, Irwin, Norman, Miss Hettie, Mrs. Wilton Greenwell, Mrs. Idella Edwards, and Mrs. Ella Schmittou; one sister, Mrs. Sarah Zillifro. Interment at Harvey Cemetery. (CLC 9 Dec. 1936, p. 1).

30. Baggett, Elizabeth (Miss Bettie). Born in Montgomery County, TN on 29 Mar. 1846. Age 90 yrs. Died 24 Aug. 1936, in Cunningham, TN. Survived by one brother Ben Baggett; and one sister Mrs. Sarah Zellefro. Single. Interment at Baggett Cemetery. (CLC 25 Aug 1936, p. 1).

31. Baggett, Mrs. Mary J. Born on 14 Oct 1854. Age 82 yrs. Died 12 Oct. 1936, in Locust Grove, TN. Wife of late Joe O. Baggett who died in 1929. Survived by five sons, H.E., Will, Alfred, Leman, Leonard; four daughers, Mrs. George Sardis, Mrs. Melton Yarbrough, Mrs. Eldon Uinderwood, and Mrs. R.L. Dawson; one sister, Mrs. Martha Davidson. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Smith. Interment at Baggett Cemetery. (CLC 12 Oct. 1936, p. 1).

32. Baggett, Eddice. Born in Hickory Point, TN. Age 56 yrs. Died 3 Dec. 1937, in Detroit, MI. Son of late Robert and Mrs. Philanthia Swift Baggett. Marrried thirty-two years to Miss Willis Hodges. Survived by wife; three daughters, Mrs. William Miller, Mrs. William Newstead, and Miss Patricia Baggett; one son, Welborne; one brother, Emmett;’ one sister, Mrs. Charles Adkins. Interment in Detroit. (CLC 4 Dec. 1937, p. 1).

33. Baggett, Mrs. J. Bellfield. Born in Montgomery County., TN in 1868. Age 67 yrs. Died 5 Sept. 1937 in Shiloh, TN. Maiden name was Miss Sallie Ann Biter, daughter to late William Andrew Biter and Lucy Jane Biter. Married 6 Oct. 1889. Survived by husband; one son, Sterling Baggett, three daughters, Mrs. Floyd Rye, Mrs. Grady Powers, and Mrs. Lem Smith; four brothers, Robert Lee, William O., Marshell, and Charles Baggett; two sister5s, Mrs. Rhea Smith, and Mrs. Henry Underwood. Interment at Baggett Cemetery. (CLC 6 Sept. 1937, p. 1).

34. Baggett, Mrs. Joe. Born in Southside, TN 2 Jan. 1845. Age 92 yrs. Died 30 Mar. 1937, of flu, in Baggett’s Chapel Community. Maiden name was Sarah Ann Trotter, daughter of Eliza Trotter, and Matissa Milam Trotter. Survived by husband; two daughters, Mrs. George Bryant, and Mrs. A.O. Harness; four sons, Emmett, James, W.O. and George Baggett; one brother, George Trotter; one half-brother, Wesley Trotter. Interment at Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery. (CLC 31 Mar 1937, p. 1).

This is the end. Hopefully, you have found a relative that you have been searching for. If you have, feel free to respond to this message so that others who are looking for the same relative(s) can find you! Best wishes. Cindy Powell

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