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From: "David Müldner" <>
Subject: Battle at Bronzell, Major Ritter von Pessler
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 07:37:14 +0100
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Thanks for the information, I was hoping someone would already have found
some details on von Pessler.

Bronzell is not in Bohemia, but in Kurhessen

mit freundlichen Gren,

David Mldner

Interesse an: Ahnenforschung Mldner,
Adelsfamilie Mldner von Mlnheim und Adelsfamilie von Lindau, kurhessische
Orden und Ehrenzeichen, kurhessische Militairgeschichte insbesondere
Mobilmachungen und Militroffiziere der kurhessische Armee
1803-1806/1813-1866, Mobilmachung der Deutschen Bund 1831, militroffiziere
des IX. und X. Bundesarmeekorps 1831.

>Subject: Re: [A-H-MILITARY] Battle at Bronzell, Major Ritter von Pessler
>Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 19:01:03 EST
>If he was in the A-H army his entire officer's record should be available
>the Qualifakationslisten der Offiziere. That record sometimes will
>info about his wife and parents.
>The problem is that if the film including his name at the LDS (they are
>alphabetical by surname) includes any year dates for anyone at all that is
>than 1905 the film is restricted to be viewed in Salt Lake City only where
>can fill out a form requesting to view restricted material. You have to
>be a
>direct relative and state that you want to view the film for genealogical
>purposes only.
>The war archive may respond by sending you a photocopy of the record since
>is outside of the dates that require privacy protection. It would probably
>take as long as three months to get it. I think that I would ask someone
>familiar with the archive to get it for me, especially if that would make
>for the service easier than having to arrange a transfer of funds. I can
>recommend one good researcher who accepts payment by credit card at an
>banking site. Contact me off list for that information.
>If you do not know where the Jager Bn was recruited or have not seen any
>written confirmation that you man was really in that Bn, get the Militr
>Schematismus for 1850 or the nearest years to that on film at the LDS.
>Look in
>the index of officers' names to see if he is there. If he is there will
>be a
>reference to the page he is on and the unit he is with at that time. The
>regimental history from that unit may mention the engagement that you refer
>Each Jager Bn was attached to an infantry regiment and recruited in the
>district as that regiment. The Schematismus will tell you where each
>regiment and Jager unit recruited during 1850.
>I am curious about that engagement. In 1850 there was some fear of
>massing troops along the Bohemian border as if they planned to invade but I
>have not read of any actual incursion. That year the Prussians were in an
>indecisive war with the Danes and Swedes in Schleswig-Holstein -- ending in
>I have not heard of any Austrian involvement in that war and the fear of an
>invasion of Bohemia by Prussia at that time would seem to preclude that.
>your battle took place on Austrian lands do you know exactly where?
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