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Subject: Re: [0.7] [A-H-MILITARY] Prisoners of War WWI
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 14:24:41 EST

If the Vienna War Archive has a record of his service it may include a note
that he was a POW and when that occurred.

You have to write to Vienna to get any information about WW I soldiers.

Take some time to compose a very careful letter to the War Archive.

You must state your relationship to the person you want researched to meet
the requirement of privacy laws that restrict access to records dated later than

You must say that you will use the material only for genealogical purposes.

IF they answer a query about a given soldier they tend to answer only ONE.

Make your letter simple and direct -- like a list of facts and another list
of questions. Surname, name; DOB; Place of birth; if you know the regiment
recruited in his area mention it; Mention Russian POW; give approximate date
if known. State what you want to know (what regiment, when taken POW,
during what battle (Brusilov offensive?),any other info?

They may only have a 3X5 card with his name, birth info, regiment and the
fact that he was taken prisoner on a given day -- nothing else. If he was an
NCO who served for a while before the war started they may have more
information. If he was an officer they will have his Qualifikationsliste -- complete

Find the Staatsarchiv website by searchin with: Staatsarchiv Wien. On
the home page click on English. From there navigate to the war archive pages
and study them. Then use the contact link to Email them your query.

Or ask one of the list members who is able to do research at the War Archive
how you can provide him/her with the information they need to get permission
to view privacy-restricted materials on your behalf.

Other WW I info may be in the place where he was born -- like on the WW I
monument there or even in a village chronicle with photos showing the men of the
village in groups of inductees. Some ot that will be in Heimat books if the
village was in one of the German areas of the CR, Poland, Banat, Slovakia, etc.

There may also be conscriptiion rolls from WW I in county or regional
archives that will tell his induction date. For example there are old
Standestabellen available in Vienna that are conscription rolls for men living in that
city's area.


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