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Subject: Re: [A-H-MILITARY] Re: research in Austrian Military Archives
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 17:29:09 EDT

There are over 2600 films of Austrian Military records in the Family History
catalog at the LDS web site (

There are an additional 1200 uncataloged films in Salt Lake City being slowly
added to the Internet catalog.

At present the Internet catalog is pretty hard to search. The Keyword and
subject searches are not working. The indexes depend on subject searches and
they will show you one title in a given index category when there are actually
many titles. So do not believe that what you see by clicking on something
in an index that comes up with a Place search is all there is. And do not
believe that the titles are accurate. A title may say it has records to 1860
when in fact the films added since the title was cataloged go to 1870 or even

Start by purchasing the $5 CD of the catalog to use at home -- it responds to
keyword searchs that make it much easier to find certain titles.

The catalog is item number 50081. You can order it on line or by phone from
the 800 number at the web site (products).

I wrote three articles about Austria's recruiting, regiments and records for
the EEGS journal -- more than 60 pages with sample documents and maps. The
one about records provides descriptions of the records available and words to
use to find them in the catalog. The three articles may still be available
from the EEGS (East European Genealogy Society) at their web site or I can send
you them on a CD.


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