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From: "Jessie Dee" <>
Subject: Re: [Australia-New-Zealand] Re British Certs
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 19:05:00 +1000
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When I got my British pass Port some yrs ago & had to have dads Birth
certificate I also sent my Fathers marriage lines my grand fathers
Birth & marriage lines this is Australia in the front of your phone book
should be a place to ring or go into GOOGLE search Engine as N/Z may be
different I have been to England several times wonderful history
their I always travelled on my Australian Pass Port if you travel on the
English Pass Port you have to get visa to get back into your country I
would say try the phone book as Laws change all the time some 10 yrs
since I had my Pass port Good Luck Jessie
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Subject: [Australia-New-Zealand] Re British Certs

> Hi all,
> Have been asked for help by a friend, who needs to get some info to obtain
> a British Passport.
> He has no known family in UK who can help!!!
> Has given me the following:
> Father Charles Edward REYNOLDS died 1990 aged 63.
> Mother Doreen REYNOLDS died ???? 1997.
> Both lived all their lives in Middlesbrough, England as far as he knows.
> What he needs is birth and marriage dates.
> Can anyone out there help.
> Regards,
> Wally Bilton,
> Hamilton, New Zealand
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