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Subject: Where can I research for a person Born At Sea
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 16:17:42 -0800
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Hi everyone, I have a solid brick wall that I cannot even chip away at.
My husband's father has it marked on his RAAF records that he was "born
at sea". The ship he said he was born on, the government could find no
record of him being on that ship.
Ship was S. S. Themistocles He was born on 16.01.1920
He listed himself as British and his parents as British.
Thomas Patrick HAYES had only an "Identity Card" to show when he joined
the RAAF.
He married in Sth. Aust. And when they divorced the marriage certificate
states the divorce was granted in Victoria. (His home state). So far we
have paid for searches of the divorce records for 1945 in Sth. Australia
and Victoria and neither shows a divorce being granted to Thomas and
Betty HAYES. Betty did re-marry in 1945 in South Australia so she must
have had to show her divorce papers.
My question is: 1. where else can I look for records on people Born At
2. Would the church in Strathalbyn (S.A.), where Betty
re-married. Be able to inform me (from their marriage records) where the
divorce was granted?
Sorry for all the questions but as my husband has never known his father
it would be at least nice to try and get some background on this
TIA Shirley Hayes Queensland

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