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Subject: RE: [MECH-INST] Libraries spotted- EXCELLENT WORK!
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 09:32:48 +1000
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Dear Linda,
Thanks for that interesting tip-off, I'll send the Museum one of my
archival collection letters and would love to see that Narracan
catalogue, also the Thorpdale one,
We have done a lot of work copying most of the Narracan MI Minute Books
but one was misplaced that had been handed to the Folk museum some time
in the past - don't suppose you have seen the missing Minute Book
Did I include you in that last mailout? It was a while ago, I have
stopped and started several times and still have not written to all
Hist.Soc in Victoria, anyway will send one to you at Gippstown as well,
Best regards, Pam

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From: Linda Barraclough [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, 26 June 2006 8:04 PM
Subject: [MECH-INST] Libraries spotted

Hi Everyone,

This is just to record that two existing Mechanics' Institutes
Libraries have been spotted in the collection at Old Gippstown at
Moe, where I am doing a little work.

The library for the Narracan east Mechanics' and that for Thorpedale
have both been located, in different buildings, so hopefully retain
their integrity. The Narracan East one has been entered into the
catalogue, and can be provided digitally for anyone undertaking
serious research. It was compiled under a labour market scheme by
untrained cataloguers, so does have a few inherent errors, but is pretty

The Naracan East Mechanics' Institute building is also in the grounds
(although its library is in the school building) and the building is
suffering serious white ant infestation.

The Thorpedale one seems to have only been partially catalogued.



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