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From: "Ian Symonds" <>
Subject: New address,
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 21:11:19 +1000

Frances and listers, Just to advise that my new address for any free Biographical Register information in the Port Macquarie area is now . The Register contains over 3000 A4 pages, based chiefly on the indexing of the Port Macquarie News 1882-1932. I am also the Rep for Australian Cemeteries(Port Macquarie) and am undertaking the photographing of headstones in this area. A part sample of the Register is included, the family including our first Superintendent of Convicst in Port Macquarie in 1821. Ian, Port macquarie

PARTRIDGE, C. Miss. Hatmaketr , Murray St PtM, 1878 Sands directory.
PARTRIDGE, C.E Advert - Books - Cnr. Hay & Clarence Streets.People 1 1888?
PARTRIDGE, Esther From trial - her father drowned when drunk - 6 months jail for receiving stolen goods. 1 Dec 1888
PARTRIDGE, Esther "In Court Port Macquarie, charged of receiving stolen goods, 14 Jul 1888-Of Hamilton - her brother Albert James Atkins (his brother-in-law Charles Pitt)" 1 Dec 1888; she possibly a servant of Dr Bottrill ? 1 Dec 1888-her father had drowned when drunk-
PARTRIDGE, C. Port M Cricket Club 1882-PMN 1 Oct 1882.
PARTRIDGE, Carol. 1891 census, Murray St. 1 female.

PARTRIDGE, H. "Committee. Port Macquarie Football Club. Federal Football Club, Port Macquarie "11 Apr 1903; 29 Apr 1905"

PARTRIDGE, James. Pupil at St Thomas school Dec 1828.
PARTRIDGE, James. Birth 1822, F= Stephen M= Sarah Pt M
PARTRRIDGE, Jane. Pupil at St Thomas school 31 Dec 1828.

PARTRIDGE, Jane. @16 married James Hitchens, @36, 8 May 1835

PARTRIDGE, John "Found gold in scrub near Kenny's, Tacking Point early." 18 Nov 1893
PARTRIDGE, John. Brickfields, Pt M 1878 Sands directory.

PARTRIDGE , John Jnr "Homestead selection, Parish Unkya, West Kempsey. Por 74, 121 ac." 28 Sept 1895
PARTRIDGE, John Snr "Homestead selection, Parish Unkya, West Kempsey. Por 73 (78)ac & Por 78 98 ac." 28 Sept 1895
PARTRIDGE, John W. Stealing cattle near Port M- 2 years in gaol Pt M 1872. MRNews 16 Dec 1872.
PARTRIDGE, John William. Occupies house Pt M 1869/70 roll

PARTRIDGE, Joseph. Birth 1823. F= Stephen M = Sarah Pt M
PARTRIDGE, Joseph. Pupil at St Thomas school Dec 1828

PARTRIDGE, Joseph- Evidence at death of Sarah Noakes 1839:-

Joseph Partrideg being sworn states:

I am apprenticed to Mr Noakes, Whelwright and reside in his house. Yesterday and the day before the deceased was drunk all day. She had been drinking spirits, At five o'clock yesterday evening when the witness, Mrs Jordan came to Mrs Noake's , the deceased was sitting on a box in her bedroom and was so drunk that she could hardly walk into the next room to shake hands with Mrs Jordan. I then went to my father's house and did not return until about eight o'clock. Mr Noakes was then standing at the door, and we stood talking there for some time and about 10 o'clock I went to bed. Mrs Jordan came in after I was in bed and Noakes went to bed about half past 10 o'clock. Noakes and his wife had not been quarrelling, they occasionally had words, but I never knew hin to strike her . The deceased was an habitual drunkard asnm about a wek ago she fell against the corner of the table , whilst drunk and gave herself a black eye. Noakes occasionally gets drunk but he is a very quiet man.

I do hereby certify that I have made a careful Post Mortem examination of the body of Sarah Noakes , now lying dead, and from examination of the brain etc am of the opinion that death was caused by apoplexy brought on by frequent intoxication

[At the time of he death she was free by servituede and was buried 27 Sep 1839]

PARTRIDGE ,Julia (nee Cotterdown) wife of Super of convicts Stephen Partridge - died. 27 May 1889
PARTRIDGE, Margaret "(formerly Cameron) sought divorce from Charles Edward Partridge, a painter, formerly Port Macquarie, bigamy with adultery - see details." 30 Aug 1902
PARTRIDGE, Margaret- PMN 30 Aug 1902- Formerly Cameron- Sought a divorce from Chas Edward Parker, a printer, formerly of Pt. M , bigamy with adultery- were married in St. Pauls , Redfern Aug 1888. About 5 years after the marriage, went to Qld , returned to Sydney 1896. Three weeks after she went to live with her parents , it being arranged that she should remain there until her husband could make a home for her. She lived with her father on the northern rivers for 18 months - he admitted he had married another woman. In 1899 he admitted bigamy. Decree granted.
PARTRIDGE, R.E.S L5 Owen Street. rate assessment. 22 Apr 1905
PARTRIDGE, R.S Rate arrears - L5 Owen Street. 14 May 1904
PARTRIDGE, Rachel F. Birth 1827 F= Stephen, M= Sarah Hall
PARTRIDGE, Richard. Farmer, 186\78 Sands directory.

PARTRIDGE, Richard. Witness to marriage of Kains/ Houston 28 Mar 1853

PARTRIDGE, Richard Stephen. Freehod near Pt M 1869/70 roll

PARTRIDGE, Sarah. The daughter of James and Rachel Williams, born in Sydney, the second wife of Stephen Partridge, Super of Convicts, they had married at St Phillips 2 Sep 1816, issue-

Thomas Stephen , B 17 May 1817

Jane , B 27 May 1819 Syd

James B 4 Feb 1822 Pt M

Joseph, B 2 Sep 1823 Pt M

Susannah B 20 Aug 1825

Rachel Frances, B 24 Jul 1827 Pt M

Stephen William, B 15 Jun 1829 Pt M

Sarah Died 29 Apr 1831

PARTRIDGE, Stephen. Born c. Jan 1793 Somerset, England. Parents: PARTRIDGE, Thomas & Jane nee OSMOND Arr. Sydney 1814 "General Hewitt" Arr. Port Macquarie, NSW 1821. Res: Port Macquarie. Occ: Superintendent of Convicts, Publican New Inn, Constable. Married: (1) Sarah nee COOK. (2) Sarah nee WILLIAMS. (3) Julia Cotter nee DOWN. Died: 21 Jul 1878 Port Macquarie, NSW. Issue: Stephen Thomas 17 May1817, Jane 27 May 1819, James 4 Feb 1822, Joseph 2 Sep 1823, Susanah 20 Aug 1825, Rachel Frances 24 Jul 1827, Stephen William 15 Jun 1829, John (William) 17 Apr 1835, Richard Stephen 30 Sep 1836, Margaret 2 Mar 1838, Sarah Julia 6 Nov 1839, Ann Caroline 17 Jan 1842, Margaret Marion 29 Jan 1844. No. 51.
Stephen Partridge, with his wife and two children arrived with Captain Allman and his foundation party in 1821 to take up his appointment as Superintendent of Convicts. On 30 November 1830, he resigned from his position and was granted the first innkeeper's licence for premises known as The New Inn, 27 Aug 1830 He was also granted 640 acres of land on the New England Road, later acquitted by Major A.C. Innes and known as "Thrumster". When the inn was delicensed, Partridge enlisted as a constable, later becoming Superintendent of Convicts and in 1862 resigned from the Police Force. ;

PARTRIDGE, Stephen. Came free per "General Hewitt", 1814; Overseer of the Lumber Yard; Superintendent at Port Macquarie

1818 Nov 28

Salary paid from the Police Fund (Reel 6038; SZ759 p.529)

1819 Feb 20-Aug 24

Salary as Overseer of Lumber Yard paid from the Police Fund (Reel 6038; SZ1044 pp.12, 58, 89)

1819 Feb 20, Jun 10

Paid from the Police Fund for work performed at the General Hospital (Reel 6038; SZ1044 pp.10, 54)

1822 Jun 6

Re passage of nephew to Port Macquarie (Reel 6009; 4/3505 p.390)

1822 Jun 29

Superintendent at Port Macquarie. Applying to have his brother-in-law, Michael Williams, sent to join him (Reel 6068; 4/1815 pp.81-6)

1822 Sep 6

Superintendent at Port Macquarie. Pursued escaped prisoners and commended by Commandant (Reel 6068; 4/1815 p.110)

1823 Nov 11

Referred to in letter re orders issued by Mr Parker (Reel 6017; 4/5783 p.523)


Salary as Superintendent of Port Macquarie listed in the Colonial Revenue Account (Reel 6059; 4/1774 p.33c)

1824 Jul 14

Application for increase in salary (Reel 6068; 4/1815 pp.419-20)

1824 Dec 31

Superintendent of Convicts. Listed on Colonial Fund statement (Reel 6039; 4/424 p.437)


Principal Superintendent, Port Macquarie. On return of agricultural produce and stock, Port Macquarie (Fiche 3300; X54)

1825 Jan 7

Of Port Macquarie. Circular to requesting information for the purpose of preparing returns for Earl Bathurst for the year 1822 (Reel 6014; 4/3513 pp.125-6, 227)

1825 Jan 26

Re his spirit ration and stores (Reel 6069; 4/1816 pp.49, 61)

1825 Apr 7

Of Port Macquarie. Foreman at the inquest of William Elliott (Reel 6069; 4/1816 pp.143, 149)

1825 Apr 18

Superintendent of Convicts, Port Macquarie. Circular to re information required for returns of the Colony, 1823 (Reel 6014; 4/3514 pp.94-5)

1825 Jul 8

Re apprehension of bushrangers (Reel 6019; 4/3864 p.252)

1825 Oct 11

Superintendent of Convicts, Port Macquarie. Circular to re information for return required by Lord Bathurst for the year 1824 (Reel 6015; 4/3515 pp.414-5)

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