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Subject: RE: Land Forces of the Australian Colonies
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 20:08:21 +1000
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A worthy project.

You might consider checking:

A soldier in the family by Allan Book. Published in 1994
Shaping History by Syd Trigellis-Smith Published in 1996
Index to Sabretache, March 2002
Australian Dictionary of Biography (CD version for vols 1 to 12)
various blue books, colonial directories and army lists.

Anthony Staunton

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Sent: Monday, 21 April 2003 2:21 PM
Subject: Land Forces of the Australian Colonies

I am seeking accurate information relating to the land military forces
raised by the Australian Colonies from 1788 to Federation.

I have to date collected information from the following sources :-
Australian War memorial, Australians at War {series prepared by Steve
Conway}, Defending Victoria, Queensland Defence Forces, Digger History, "The
History of The Military Forces of South Australia" {Ref. Australian Army
Journal 51 - August 1953}together from bits and pieces in various
Whilst they each provide some information they are often incomplete and
accuracy is sometimes questionable.

The information I am seeking is a complete list of the units raised, dates
of raising and what happened to the unit. Some were disbanded, some absorbed
into other units, some renamed and some of course are basically still in
existence today. In other words I am trying to piece together the basic
history of each and every unit.

I also include in my quest the Naval Brigades which were also formed by the
Colonies. Information about the Colonial Navies is readily available in
various places including "Australian Colonial Navies" By Colin Jones.(AWM)

Since I started my search I am surprised that I have not to date found any
complete set of information for any of the states.

I hope someone can help me in my search.

Vic. Swanson

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