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Subject: Re: [ARPOLK] Hilton Cemetery in Polk Co., Ark
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 13:44:36 -0500
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I haven't heard of any other records for marriages in Polk County.

I also had a few Wehunt's and Bates in my family tree. They married into my
Rider side of the family.


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It sad about Polk Count, we are missing 1844 to 1883


This is indeed sad, my family arrived there in 1845 from Tenn. and the
Father of the family died just before the 1880 census. They had 10+ kids
and most
of them married there, by then. Were all of the records kept at the court

I have 4 different family lines that all converge from this area...

Thomas and Yarbrough from, Alabama. Also Brakefield.

Fry, Bolin and Heath from Tenn.

Wehunt & Sims from Georgia.

Kello, unknown origin.

Reece, Cowden.

As well and several others by marriage such as

Bates and Allen and Davies

They all lived in Mena, Dallas, Caddy Gap (I know locals don't call it that

now). Some where in Montgomery for a time and other always in Polk. But, the

road into Polk was easier then the county seat trip to Mongomery, so some
records were filed in Polk for convience and now those years are all lost.--

Have they found any way to use others sources for the area? Like they are
to do for the 1890 cenus in some states?

Thanks Stacey Thomas Brough

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