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From: christine peacher <>
Subject: [ARIZARD] Shied/Shedd
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 11:39:39 -0600
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Hi Philles
Good to find you, I sent you a message on ancestry the other day :-)

Info I need is ANYTHING that proves that Rhoda Ann is the daughter of Hayden and the granddaughter of George. Rhoda Ann is on the 1850 census with George & Rhody but it doesn't list her as granddaughter.

So, maybe a guardianship paper Hayden might have signed, a will of George or Rhody's that list her, maybe a newspaper obit (George, Rhoda, Rhoda Ann, or Isaacs's) might list family!! I thought I had a lead on a Bible record. A woman in 1966 sent in (to the Arkansas Family Historian) a typed up Bible record and it had everyone listed. Her name is Jewel D Linn and she lived in Bakersfield, CA. I actually found her husbands cousin out there, but they had lost touch (of course). Last he heard they were in MO. I can't find them :~( I can use photocopies from a Bible I just need a copy of the publication page too.

Do you happen to have a pic of Rhoda Ann Qualls' grave marker? I am hoping it has her name and birth/death years. Do you know if Golden City Cemetery still has records?
Do you know where you got Isaac & Rhoda's marriage date?
Do you happen to have any paperwork that shows a link Rhoda Ann>Hayden>George??


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> Hello Christine,
> What kind of lookup are you looking for? We have talked before. Issac and Rhoda are my great grandparents. I would be interested in the papers needed to connect to the DAR.
> Philles
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> Hi,
> Is there anyone on this board who might be willing to do a look up for me or refer me to someone???
> I am one step away from getting my DAR membership, I hoping to find paper trail proof that George & Rhoda Shied/Shedd were the grandparents of RhodaAnn Elizabeth Shied/Shedd Perhaps a guardian ship paper giving Rhoda Ann to her grandparents?
> What I know...George Shied & Rhoda Unknown were in
> 1850 Union Izard, AR
> 1870 Conway, Izard, AR
> George died 12/31/1870 & Rhoda 'Rhody' 1/7/1852- both are buried at Lunenburg Cemetery in Izard County
> George & Rhoda's son and Rhoda Ann Elizabeth's father, Hayden L Shied, came to Ar with them in c. 1840s but was back in Coffee Co, TN by 1850.
> Their granddaughter is Rhoda Ann Elizabeth Shied
> 1850 living with them in 1850
> 1860 with John and Elizabeth Ellis in Rocky Bayou Izard Co
> Rhoda Ann married Isaac Qualls 9/23/1866
> Issac was the son of John and Louisa Qualls (listed as Quarrles in the 1860
> Conway Izard CO Census)
> The following is information from a letter from Rhoda AE Shied Qualls daughter Lillie Bell I am the youngest of five children born to Isaac Qualls (1847-1885) and Rhody Ann Elizabeth Sheid (1846-1893). They were married at LaCrosse, Ark. In 1866 and moved to Franklin Co. where their children were born. Isaac was the son of John Qualls. Rhody was the only child of Haden L. Sheid (1810-1852), born in S.C. I do not know anything about her mother except that Rhody was living with her grandparents, George (1788-1870) and Rhody Sheid (d. 1852) in Izard Co. as early as 1850. ---- According to census records George Sheid was born in N. C. and his wife in S.C. Their children were Haden, William T. (m. Sarah Criswell), Noah (m. Elvy Jane Criswell), Sybel "Sibbie" (m. _ Clay), Mary (m. _ Lacefield), Elizabeth (m. Ellis), Martha (m. R. D. Harris), and Anny (m. John Phillips), All of the Sheid children were born in Tenn. except Haden. Haden and brother William T. left Manchester, Tenn. and moved to Izard Co Ark. in 1848, and the entire family was there in the census of 1850, except Haden who had returned to Tenn. ---- As far as I know the marriages of the Sheid children above occurred in Arkansas with the exception of Haden and possibly Anny. According to an old Bible record' he died in 1852
> Thanks so much!!
> <{{{><
> Christie

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