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From: Marsha Boles <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] RAND /Southards?
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 11:48:02 -0700 (PDT)
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Pat - maybe this will help jog your memory. Sounds like you are on to something in this old post. 
Something I kept in Southard file. - Marsha= = =From Pat Foster: "In the
last 5 minutes I think I have made a discovery.The 1930 census shows Betty Ruth to be daughter of Jobe Southard.

It shows Thomas as brother to HH. 

So, appears Tom was born in 1913, James and Anna died in 1917, and Jobe

takes Tom to live with them so Tom shows up in Jobe's house (only) in 1920

and is never shown to be James's child?????. 

I don't know if Southards know the real story or not!!

Betty and Tom have always claimed to be siblings with same father!!

Somewhere, there is much confusion!"
--- On Tue, 8/23/11, Pat Foster <> wroteI'd like to butt in on this?My husband's brother-in-law has a grandparent back there named Jobe Southard.I don't remember how his line went but they came from Arkansas into
I'll see if we can find our research on him.
There was one set of grandparents that died with several young children and
the children were farmed out to different homes.
Seems as though the couple died within 2 weeks of each other about 1917-18,
Does that ring any bells with anyone?
What is the timeframe of this Jobe Southard and Fanny Adams?

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