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From: Marsha Boles <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Church-Betty BB
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 09:32:00 -0800 (PST)
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Okay, I am getting confused now.
Where was Prosperity ARPC located?
Where was New Hope ARPC located?
When I was learning to drive (maybe as early as 10yo around 1960), my Aunt Lois Boles Moser and I had many little adventures.  She let me drive the tractor from her house to Humphries Cem. with her propped on the fender of the tractor. We had to go through Day, AR and the road from Day to the cemetery was always horrible because water ran across the road in many places (little tributaries of Strawberry River/Creek) and the tractor would cross anything. Even back then, I didn't see anything that looked like a church, she didn't mention a church. Of course by then it would have been a residence and the development of Horseshoe Bend had not altered the old roads. Still, I figure we were less than a mile from the church (Prosperity  ? ) - as the crow flies!
Humphries Cem.Fulton Co., AR - latitude: 36.25780, longitude: -91.73720
Wheeling, Fulton Co., AR - latitude 36.32 and longitude -91.863
This Wheeling is much closer to Salem, Fulton Co., AR than to Day, Izard Co.,AR.
Wheeling would be between Oxford and Salem - right?
So has Wheeling AR moved ? ? ?
Both churches would have been a little south and east of current Wheeling - right?
--- On Thu, 11/18/10, Betty BB <> wrote:
I thought that was the church that you said was out behind where the Todd's
I think thier daugther Rosella Todd Booth is the one that build the new
house there.
That area would have been in Fulton Co between 1842 and 1874.  The Fulton
county line
came south to Franklin and about a mile north of Violet Hill during that
I guess I didn't know that Opal was a Gault, learn something new all the
Betty BB
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Sent: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 8:09 PM
Subject: [ARIZARD] Church-Betty BB

> Betty, the way I understand it, the first church organized was at
> Wheeling, then another one was the New Hope church that was between Day
> and Wiseman.  If you read the first page on the church records that either
> Marsha or Billie Welsh posted it mentions New Hope church.  That was in
> Fulton I think at that time because some of the census records show Fulton
> co.  You  probably don't remember the old road between Day and Wiseman,
> the church which had been converted to a dwelling house, was off of the
> road, maybe a quarter of a mile on a dirt road that got very muddy at
> times.  I think the road turned off there where the white house is, there
> were lots of trees, more that now.  That was the old New Hope Church, my
> mother's uncle Will and his wife aunt Ella Gault lived there them.  Opal
> Harber, Luther Harber's wife, was their daughter.  It looks like, from
> what I can see from the road, that a new house has been built maybe close
> to where the old  one was.   Myrlene

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