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> Nancy ANDERSON CYPERT - (1790-1862)
> ?"Her Life"
> 1862 ,?Marshall, Searcy, Arkansas, USA?
> The above is from The Izard County Historian Volume 14 October, 1983 Number 4
> (Sister of James B. Anderson)
> Written by Dorothy Lear Everly (Tetters) Cypert Yarbrough
> Submitted by Margie Gibson, 2826 E. Grandview, Mesa AZ 85203
> "This story of the death of Nancy Anderson Cypert was told to me, his
> daughter-in-law, by John William Cypert, as we sat in our yard under a huge
> cottonwood tree at our ranch home in the Yuma Valley of Arizona in the summer of
> 1925.? This was before my first son, Charles Vernon David Cypert was born
> December 26, 1925.
> John William Cypert, born 19 July 1858 died January 1937.? He was the son of
> Newton Anderson and Nancy Elizabeth (Cooper) Cypert. ?He was born in Mountain
> Home, Baxter Co., Arkanas.? His mother died when he was two years old, March 4,
> 1860.? She is buried in the Blue Mountain Cemetery at Timbo, in Stone County,
> Arkansas.
> At the time of his mother's death he went to live with his grandfather and
> grandmother, John and Nancy Anderson Cypert.? They lived in Searcy County,
> probably near Marshall, Arkansas.? It was two years later when he was barely
> four years old that he witnessed the death of his grandmother, Nancy Anderson
> Cypert, while he lay hidden in a manger in a barn or nearby shed.
> Nancy Anderson Cypert was killed in Searcy Co., Arkansas during the Civil War in
> 1862.? She was killed by men wearing the uniform of the Union Soldiers.? They
> may have been soldiers but probably were not. ?There were "bushwackers" or so
> the people were called, who preyed on the helpless and innocent.? They were
> neither Union nor Confederate soldiers, but outlaws who took advantage of the
> war situation.? They plundered and killed and robbed for their own benefit.
> ?
> Food was very scarce in this southern community at that time.? These men
> usually put on gray uniforms in the Confederate territory and blue uniforms
> while in Union territory. ?Sometimes they put on blue uniforms in Confederate
> territory to fool their own people.? It didn't matter to them. ?They were not
> serving any cause. ?It was anything for their own purpose. ?Anyway, my
> children's grandfather was about four years old.
> When his grandmother saw the "bushwackers" coming she told him to run and hide
> in the shed.? It might have been an empty barn and not too far away but far
> enough.? He said that he ran and hid there.? John William then saw them torture
> his grandmother by pulling out her finger nails with bullet molds. ?They did
> this to make her tell where her money was hidden, or perhaps to get information.
> Her son, John William Cypert (an uncle of this John William telling the story)
> was a Captain in J. T. Coffee's Confederate Regiment. ?So when they had tortured
> her, then killed her, they robbed the house of all the food and everything they
> could use. ?Then they burned down the house with Nancy Anderson Cypert inside.
> There was no man from the family home at the time this happened.? Perhaps they
> were away in search of food, or were working somewhere away from home - those
> that hadn't gone to war. ?The barn and the frightened child inside were not
> disturbed.? John William Cypert may not have been alone when this happened but
> he did not mention any other children or adults when he told me the story.?
> Also, the barn must surely have been empty of stock or food for the stock, as
> they didn't burn the barn.
> Knowing my father-in-law as I did, I believe the story he told me to be true.?
> His faded blue eyes grew misty with tears, as he related the story by memory
> from out of the distant past.? How he, a small boy of about four years of age,
> watched in horror and trembling with fear, as they tortured and killed the only
> mother he had ever known.? His voice then rose in anger as he mentioned the
> "Boys in Blue" and he had little respect for the "Northern Gentlemen."? What he
> called them that day I cannot repeat but could not blame him.? Great hatreds are
> born and bred and last a lifetime in such instances.
> He was a true Southern, Democrat, Baptist and a Mason.? He died as he lived,
> fearless to the last.? He had great respect for his grandmother, Nancy Anderson
> Cypert.? In fact she must have been truly loved and respected by all the family
> for she had and has many namesakes throughout the family."
> The above is from The Izard County Historian Volume 14 October, 1983 Number 4
> ?
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Found this on and attached it to Nancy and her husband, John
> William CYPERT, b. 1790, North Carolia, d. 1864, Marshall, Searcy County,
> Arkansas.? His parents:? Francis CYPERT (Jr.) and Abigail JOHNSON.
> ?
> Children of John William and Nancy ANDERSON:?? (may not be complete or correct)
> John William; Hannah Anna; James; Thomas Jefferson; Newton Anderson; Mary
> "Polly"; Jesse; Martha Anderson; Robert S.; Charity; and, Margaret.
> ?
> I appreciated?your response.? I am a lover of genealogy -- yours or mine!? When
> I first saw your message, thought it might be from my Broken Arrow
> (1955)?classmate Robert "Bob" CYPERT and his wife Suzanne SHERRILL.? Suzanne and
> I were classmates twelve years, but think Bob joined us in junior high after
> going to Coweta schools.? It was about ten miles from Broken Arrow to Coweta
> then, but with?all the growth, they're not that far away now.? I know lots of
> COOPERS around Wagoner and have some marriages into the family.? ?
> ?
> Peggy
> John William Cypert is my 4th gr grfather
> Generation No. 1
> 1. JOHN WILLIAM4 CYPERT (FRANCIS3, FRANCIS2 SCYPERT I, LORRANZE1 SCYPERTZ) was born 1789 in NEW HOPE, CHATHAM, N. C., U.S.A., and died 1865 in SEARCY, , ARK., U.S.A.. He married NANCY ANDERSON 1810 in , TN, USA. She was born Bet. 1790 - 1795, and died 1862 in SEARCY CO, AR, USA.
> Children of JOHN CYPERT and NANCY ANDERSON are:
> 2.i.JESSE5 CYPERT, b. Bet. 1812 - 1813, WARREN CO, TN, USA.
> ii.MARY "POLLY" CYPERT, b. 1813; d. Bet. 1814 - 1907.
> 3.iii.ROBERT S. CYPERT, b. 1814, WARREN CO., TN, USA; d. Bet. 1815 - 1904.
> v.HANNA (ANNA) CYPERT, b. 1820; d. Bet. 1821 - 1914.
> ANDERSON CYPERT, b. 14 Oct 1820, WAYNE CO, TN, USA; d. Bet. 1880 - 1900, STONE, AR, USA.
> vii.CHARITY CYPERT, b. 1823, WAYNE CO, TN., USA.
> 6.x.JAMES W. CYPERT, b. 1829, WAYNE CO., TN, USA.
> xii.JANE CYPERT, b. 1835, WAYNE CO, TN, USA.
> xiii.SHEGAT CYPERT, b. 1837, WAYNE CO, TN, USA.

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