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From: Beth Cooper <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Green--Pat
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 11:08:41 -0700 (PDT)
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I appreciate all the info. I did have a ??? with Lewis and Nancy Morgan Green noted on the file of
Julia Frances Green Wadkins as possible ??? parents of Marion Green so I must have seen the same info on rootsweb that you talk about.

The tidbit about Noel being imprisoned for murder is very interesting and that was in Clay County, MO.
Do you think the Green family getting away from that stigma was the resulting move south?

One thing I did discover that I had not made a note about was the fact that when I searched all persons in 1930 USFedCen  -- AR, Fulton, Wild Cherry then, I found Dora & Arthur Acklin (sister to my g gm America Elizabeth Alexander Johnson) and both Carl & Martha (Alexander) Johnson, their son, Sammie & his wife Lola and another brother of g gf John Andrew Johnson(husband of America), James Adolphus and Sylvia Johnson and some of their children and a married son, Leonard -----I believe it was. Anyway, all these people for that timeframe I had not documented.
In the 1930 census, they were enumerated as Elizah W. Watkins & Julie, w/ children Charlie F., Willie (William), Mary and Ader.

Before I add any more Green materials, Pat; let me go ahead and find all the spouses to these children of Elijah & Julie Frances Green Wadkins----I only have some of them and have never been able to locate information about the older dau of Julie F. -----will have to check some of the allied families and see if we can figure out where she was raised. I'm running out of file space so I'm going to have to do some compressing on these files first before I can add more.
Thanks though for the offer! Differences between oldest and youngest children can really be quite significant, now as back in those days!

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From: Pat Foster <>
Sent: Tue, June 29, 2010 10:01:01 AM
Subject: [ARIZARD] Green--Beth

Hi Beth
The main things available about Marion Green's father is that it was a Lewis
Green b in the 1790s in NC.
Delpha got a copy of a legal document where Lewis signed something for
Marion--marriage form or something like that.
Dona Donaldson has one of the best files re Lewis and it's on Rootsweb.
But, she only has posted info re Noel and Marion.  She has War of 1812
papers, etc.  She also has wives for Lewis but I don't think she has the
real proof like a marriage record, etc.  The 1850 census in MO shows Marion
born in 1847 but there is no wife in the home of Lewis and the children.
Lewis's pension records have a 'Nancy Morgan?' actually written on them.
But, all the Nancy Morgans I find are married to other Greens.  One of my
dad's sisters was named 'Nancy  Pearl' so the name Nancy was someone they
I met a descendant of Noel a few years ago.  In his line are Burris,
Bookout, and Sartin.
Are you interested in Noel's info?  In 1850 he was in prison for murder in
Clay County, MO.
About 1857 or so he was pardoned and in 1860 he is back in the home with
wife, Mary, and the children.
I haven't researched the siblings in between the two of them as Noel is the
eldest and Marion the youngest.

Maybe there will be more info showing up out there soon.  But, you know this
group of Greens is about like researching Smiths!

Pat Foster

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From: [mailto:] On
Behalf Of Beth Cooper
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 8:27 AM
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD] Green--Pat

Sorry, to but in like this,
but since I sent you that message that had been posted on ARIZARD by Delpha
in 2007
I went back and just looked at the full pages of census documents where the
Elijah Wadkins family
resided, they were always with a bunch of Ivie and Green familys and once
they are definitely next door to Marion & what would it be? the 3th wife,
Lee Branson's Mother. I do remember that Lee and Lloyd had grown up nearby
each other and were good friends.

Does anyone have the possible parents of Marion Green? I remember Lee
thinking and writing that there was supposedly 10 children but that he only
knew the names of (wasn't it?) 2 besides Marion? Wasn't that Noel and James?

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From: Pat Foster <>
Sent: Mon, June 28, 2010 11:18:02 PM
Subject: [ARIZARD] Roll Call--Marsha Boles

Hi Marsha,
I don't have the research on the Bookouts but I do know they married into
the Green family.
I think it is some of Noel Green's descendants that married into the
Bookouts.  Some went into Kansas.
Noel is thought to be Marion Green's (my great grandfather) oldest brother.

Pat Foster

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From: [mailto:] On
Behalf Of Marsha Boles
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 2:48 PM
Subject: [ARIZARD] Roll Call

Hi! I am Marsha Boles and about 4th generation born in Izard Co. but raised
In Memphis.
I have many allied lines that I follow because my Boles line is so hard to
trace and this list has been so helpful over the years, that others have
been so easy. 
If you are new here, sing out and start asking question. Give as many names
and dates as you can.
There are some amazingly resourceful folks on this list and you may have
resources that help others.
My files are not all up and running now but should be by next week.
Parents: Amos Boles & Sibyl Montgomery
GP: David Henry Boles & Sarah Ann Bookout
Clifton Emmitt Montgomery & Nettie Lee Milligan
GGP: Wiliam Henry Boles & Malinda Lindley *** my brick walls, mostly have
Charles 'Henry' Bookout & Margaret Parthenia 'Phenie' Hatman
John Patrick Montgomery & Talitha Cumi Andrews
GGGP: Henry M. Bookout & Eliza Barnes
Joseph Wiley Montgomery & Ann Martha Morris
Joshua Rucker Andrews & Elizabeth Jane Gleghorn
GGGGP: Andrews Gleghorn & Rebecca Johnson
James Montgomery & Elizabeth Unknown


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