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This one is probably related to me.

Most HULSEYs found in Arkansas are connected to ours, who were in Hall County, Georgia prior to settling in Colbert and Franklin Counties, Alabama, in Northwest Alabama.  Elizabeth HULSEY -- mother of my grandfather, Robert Polk KING (b. 1865, Newburg, AL) -- was daughter of Jesse HULSEY.  As I have posted many times, Elizabeth's sister, Margaret "Peggy" HULSEY married James "Buck" KING, brother of William KING, husband of Elizabeth and father of RPK.  Father of KING brothers was Meredith "Mariday" KING.  (Helen KELLER lived in nearby Tuscumbia, Alabama.)  This area and adjacent Northeast area of Mississippi was known as "Natchez Trace."  It was later known as "Tennessee Valley" area.

Meredith "Mariday" KING is said to have been full-blood Irishman.  Have picture of "Buck" and "Peggy" and he looks Irish.  Peggy looks Indian -- straight, dark hair and dark complexioned -- even has a blanket-looking wrap around shoulders.  I would show this picture to my brother so he could see the Indian ancestry -- and he'd say, nah, she just looks Indian.  One of my aunts (late in her life) said they were "Black Dutch" and we've had discussion about that on this List before.  I suspect they were Choctaw -- maybe even Creek.  My dad's youngest brother and one of his sister's had Indian noses, with a bit of hook in them.  One of my father's brothers was noticeably dark-complexioned.  However, my dad, by comparison, always looked like a Swede or Scandanavian.  Only one of his ten siblings approached his coloring.  Most of his brothers and sisters had snappy, dark brown eyes.  Some of the Indian came through my grandmother, Lavina Agee
{RIDGWAY} KING, mostly through the McWHERTERs and some through RIDGWAYs.  My grandmother (admittedly) knew she was at least 1/4th Cherokee and was proud of her ancestry.        

Most southern HULSEYs are connected to ours.

HULSEY, William B., age 18, b. Arkansas Territory, Independence County; Farmer; Enlisted 30 July 1832, at Batesville, by Captain BEAN, for one year; Discharged 30 July 1833 (Expiration of service).

Source:  Enlistiments in U.S. Army, on

This is last one -- only extracted these that I've posted.


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