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Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 14:03:21 -0800 (PST)
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WAYLAND, James, age 22, b. Humphrey Co., TN; (no occ); Enlistment 23 August 1832, at Batesville, by Lt. PENTECOST; for one year; Discharge 09 August 1833 (Expiration of service).

WAYLAND, James H., age 20, b. Scott Co., VA; Farmer; Enlistment 25 August 1832, by Lt. PENTECOST; for one year; Discharge (?) August 1833 (Expiration of service).

Lieutenant PENTECOST enlisted numerous ones.  This List of U.S. Military Enlistments came up automatically yesterday when I was entering Caleb BALES of Independence County into my tree "PERRY - BATY & LUTHER - WOOLEY."  Caleb BALES was ancestor of Nancy Evelyn COMER (b. abt. 1871).  She married my great-uncle Thomas Jackson PERRY, b. Izard County, Arkansas (in Baxter County); have good records on family.  I was working on entering father of Nancy Evelyn who was Matthew R. COMER and saw he was born in Clay County, Indiana.  This prompted me to think of COMER connections in Clay County to my LUTHERs from Clay County -- and, voila! -- when entering Nancy Evelyn, looked at hints and tree of my relative Lou PERO's tree and there she was -- descendant of Christian LUTHER's daughter Nancy LUTHER married to father of Matthew R. COMER!  Lou didn't have marriage information to my great-uncle, so sent message thru to tell
her about my discovery!  I have family portrait of Nancy Evelyn COMER and Thomas Jackson PERRY, then some snapshots -- even one with Nancy at advanced age.  ... You can imagine how thrilled I am!

My great-uncle TJP died in Los Angeles, CA of smallpox in 1926 and because of the smallpox was cremated.  Along the way I had discovered Nancy's death in CA Death Index, as well as remarriage to HACKETT.  Since I don't have access to earlier CA death index, Ellen of this List had looked him up with result of two or three, but now I know date TJP died and can possibly get certificate of death.

Note:  Not being familiar with some place names of early-day Arkansas (Territory), do not recognize Vandalia nor Versailles; however, the ones on these pages seem to all be in Arkansas, as others are Cave Springs and numerous ones in Batesville.  A few listed  in Fort Gibson (later Oklahoma); I presume the reason was this was known as "Western Arkansas" before Indian Removal and establishing "Twin Territories" of Indian and Oklahoma.

The handwriting is small, neat and clear.  Date of death and cause listed on a few.


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