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From: Marsha Boles <>
Subject: [ARIZARD] Cemeteries of Izard County
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 18:48:25 -0800 (PST)

While it is quiet . . . I came up revisited a project.
I make an effort to list the cemeteries in my files (like many others do). Sometimes feel frustrated trying to guess where cemeteries are located, so tried to come up with a tool.
Made a list from findagrave that has flaws and thought others might like it too.
If anyone finds errors, please post and later I will post a revised list.
Used GPS to look up some, had to guess at towns that are closest, but from what I can tell, some of them are so isolated that one must travel other roads to reach them.
Example:  Lyons Creek Cem. – NE of Guion (might have to go SE out of Melbourne)
When in doubt, I use "Unknown Cem. - Izard Co., AR" - without a town, but would like to have a town as reference when possible.
Some things I just don't believe . .
Example: Franklin has 4 Cem  ? ? ? - it is on a highway, seems small for 4 cemeteries?
Hills Chapel Cem./ McGavock Confederate Cem./ Wolf Family Cem./Roberts Cem.
Didn't see a cemetery for Iuka either.
Contribute what you can & I will post again in a few weeks with up dates.

Antioch Cem. – 2 m. E of Zion
Athens Cem. -  W of Melbourne
Baker Cem. -  s/w N of Evening Shade
Barren Forks Cem. – Mt. Pleasant.
Bates Cem. – Horseshoe Bend (S of Diamond Lake)
Bethlehem Cem. – Sage
Big Springs Cem. – Mt. Pleasant
Bigham Cem. – Melbourne
Blankenship Cem. – between Oxford & Melbourne
Blue Church Cem. – Mt. Pleasant
Blue Springs Cem. – findagrave says in Wiseman –NO IT IS NOT
Bounds Cem. – Newburg
Burgess Cem. –
Burnt Schoolhouse Cem. – Lone Rock (Baxter or Izard Co.?????)
Byron Cem. – (I assume this is at town of the same name)
Calico Rock Mennonite Cem. – Calico Rock
Campbell Cem. - near Zion 
Campbell Cem. - E of Melbourne
Campground Cem. -  Oxford
Caney Springs Cem. – S of LaCrosse
Chinquapin Cem. – Mt. Pleasant
Combs Cem. – Melbourne
Conyers Cem. – Mt. Pleasant



Cook Cem. – nearest to Jumbo
Corinth Cem. –  
Cresswell Cem. - Pineville


Crossroads Cem. – (I assume this is at town of the same name)
Daniel Mason Jeffery Farm – near unknown river
Dogwood Cem. – Pineville
Dolph Baptist Cem. – Dolph
Faber Cem. –  SE of Melbourne
Finley Creek Cem. –  Sage - west of Violet Hill
Flat Rock Methodist Church Cem. – Calico Rock
Forest Cem. – E of Franklin
Forrest Chapel United Methodist Church Cem. –
Godwin Cem. -  W of Franklin
Goodrich Cem. – S of Oxford                                                                               
Gray Cem. –  Bone Town
Grey Cem. – W of Melbourne
Gulley Cem. – SE of Melbourne
Hassel Cem. – N of Coker / W of Guion
Haw Mtn. Cem. – S of Calico Rock
Hills Chapel Cem. – W of Franklin
Jeffery Cem. – Mt. Olive
Jones Cem. – S of Calico Rock
Jones Cem. –  N of Melbourne
Knob Creek Cem. – Knob Creek
LaCrosse Cem.-  LaCrosse
Lawrence Cem. -  N of Melbourne (looks close to Jones Cem.)
Lone Star Cem. – (I assume this is at town of the same name)
Lower Twin Creek Cem. – SE of Melbourne
Lunenburg Cem. - Lunenburg
Lyons Creek Cem. – NE of Guion (might have to go SE out of Melbourne)
Mayfield Cem. – N of Melbourne
McCormick Cem. – S of Melbourne
McGavcox Confederate Cem. – Franklin
Meeker Cem. – Lunenburg
Melbourne Cem – Melbourne
Moser Cem. – Mt. Pleasant
Mt. Olive Cem. – Mt. Olive
Nail Cem. – S of Mt. Pleasant
Nebo Cem.- between Wiseman & Franklin (Nebo or Mount Nebo  ? ? ?)
New Liberty Cem. – N of LaCrosse
Oak Grove Cem. – between Franklin & Oxford
Old Reed Cem. –
Old Liberty Cem. –
Old Philadelphia Cem. - Larkin
Old Whitehouse Cem. - this was discussed earlier this year and seemed to be on private property and now the old white house is gone, but never heard where it is
Optimus Cem. –
Owens Cem. –
Oxford Cem. - Oxford
Page Cem. -
Palestine Cem. –
Pearogue Cem. -
Pineville Cem. - (I assume this is at town of the same name)
Pleasant Grove Cem. –
Pleasant Ridge Cem. - Oxford
Polk Mtn. Cem. -
Potts Cem.
Pratt Cem. 
Ramsey Cem.-
Rawsey Cem. -
Ray Cem. – Lafferty
Reed Cem. -
Lafferty Reed Cem. -
Reeves Cem. – Guion  - - - - - - -
Reeves Cem. – Melbourne - - - - ARE THERE REALLY 3  ! ! !
Reeves Chapel Cem. - near Sage
Roberts Cem. – Franklin
Robinson Cem. –
Roselawn Cem. – Calico Rock
Ruddells Cem. -
Saint Marys Catholic Cem.Shell Cem. –
Shavers Cem. – Oxford
Shaw Cem. – Mt. Pleasant
Shell Cem. -
Smith Cem. –
Spring Creek Cem. – Pineville
Spring Creek Cem. – Calico Rock
Spring Hill Cem. - Oxford
Staggs Cem. – Calico Rock
Staggs Cem. - Pineville
Sweet Home Cem. -
Sylamore Cem. - (I assume this is at town of the same name)
Talley Cem. -
Tate Cem. -
Taylor Cem. -
Trimble Campground Cem.
Union Cem. - (thought this was in Fulton ?)
Upper Twin Creek Cem.-
Yeager Cem. - Needmore
Vest Cem. -
Violet Hill Cem. – Violet Hill
Watkins Cem. -
Waylon Arbor Cem. – Dolph
White Cem. –

Wideman Cem. - (I assume this is at town of the same name)

Winkle Cem. -
Wiseman Cem. - Wiseman


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